Thursday, October 24, 2013

Which Facebook Face Are You?

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OK~ It's been interesting to watch Facebook evolve over the years, specifically the users of Facebook. The past couple years, several folks that said, "I will never join Facebook," are now posting things more often than I can keep up with. These posts got my wheels a turning. There seem to be many faces of Facebook, which one are you?

The Mom: Are you always posting pictures of you and your kids going from soccer practice to piano lessons and back home again? Or, are you sharing recipes (TONS OF RECIPES) that you strive to find the time to create? If you meet any of the above criteria, I'm classifying you as a Mom on Facebook.

The Stalker: Are you on Facebook, yet never post anything? It's always interesting how I can be out and about and someone will say that they saw so and so did that, according to Facebook. In the back of my mind I am thinking, "Umm... You never post anything!" Therefore, I'm classifying you as a Stalker.

The Gamer: I do get a lot of game requests and I do see lots of folks on Facebook are gamers. Personally, I do not have the time to embrace these games. Although I can say this, I have no clue what traveling folks did before Candy Crush was created. The last flight I was on, I counted more than eight people within my view playing Candy Crush! If you like to play games, send out game requests, you have the Facebook face of a Gamer.

The Politician: Now, I honestly do not care what party you belong to, but I do care when you flood my feed with one political rant after another. There you have it, enough said! I'm classifying you as a Politician.

My point being, think before you post or send requests on Facebook. It is probably fair to say that you joined Facebook to connect with family and friends. Why not make the connections positive? I have seen friendships destroyed over the political rants, as well as the constant postings of religious issues.

Enjoy Facebook, interact with others and embrace the opportunity to connect with others! Facebook is a Social Media platform that you easily utilize on a daily basis. Please, remember to "think" before you post that Status Update. Which Facebook face are you? Are you one that I did not mention, if so, which one? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Today's Your Day Offering Children's Themed Birthday Parties In Willowbrook Mall

OK~ I'm really excited to share this news. There is a new store open in North Iowa and it's called Today's Your Day! This fun store focuses on themed birthday parties for kids. From Western, Beach, Carnival, Princess and Car Theme Birthday Parties; they have it all.

Today's Your Day: Car Theme

John and Lisa Lofing are the proud folks behind this adventure. Lisa has always been very good with crafts and enjoys working with kids. John and Lisa both felt that North Iowa could really use a safe, fun place for families to have children's birthday parties.

The decorations that you will find in Today's Your Day are really over the top! Kids of all ages will appreciate the colorful décor. Kerplunk and Plinko are two large games that kids get to experience while attending a party at Today's Your Day. And in case you really, really enjoy Candyland, there is a a larger than life Candyland Board Game (Theme) available as well. Imagine a Candyland themed birthday party, how cool is that? Check out the size of these gingerbread men, they are almost three feet tall!

Goodie bags, a fun photo booth, and lots of fun activities are part of the party packages that are offered at Today's Your Day.

Give Lisa a call at 641-420-8758 to schedule your children's themed birthday party today! You can "Like" Today's Your Day On Facebook for up to date happenings in regards to Today's Your Day.

Today's Your Day is located in Willowbrook Mall and is open Monday-Friday 9:00-3:00 p.m.

Does your community have a business that provides children's themed birthday parties? If so, have you booked one through them and how was the experience? I am thinking if I had little kids, something like this would be a fun way to change up the "average" birthday party. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

This The Season For Car Repairs And The End Of Sibling Rivalry

OK~ It's been one wild and crazy week-end in this house! From the usual car repairs to the house in disarray, I'm still trying to get my oars rowing together. If you have a teen or young adult, you can probably relate to the ongoing car repairs. There is always oil to be changed, spark plugs to be updated, new batteries needed when the weather turns, and of course; the usual brake repairs. Thankfully, our boys are blessed to have a Dad that can do 90% of their car repairs. But, it all takes time. I seriously do wonder how many hours my husband has spent on car repairs through the years.


From the tire blow outs to the car blowing up, we have had our share! What should a Mom expect with two young men in the house, right? Our boys are learning as they lend a hand helping him with the repairs. Today I witnessed all three of them working together while repairing one of their cars. First time ever- YES, there is hope friends. All three of them getting along and working together to get the car back together.

As the project wrapped up, it was fun to see our 22 and 18 year old son ride together in the car. They have NEVER done that. We jokingly said, "The ride may take longer, as they will have to stop to argue!" Low and behold, they got along great and were still speaking when they returned.

I have always stated that sibling rivalry is very high at our home, and ti's nice to see that maybe things have turned in that department. I am here to tell you, if you have kids that argue, there is hope! If our two boys can get along and actually enjoy each other's company, it is possible. Hey, it only took 18+ years- After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Halloween Giveaway Event: Grand Prize $500 K-Mart Gift Card


It’s Halloween Giveaway Event

Kids of all ages love Halloween! It's always a super time for family fun. Our boys were Batman for 10 years total between the two of them. This always made the costume search fairly easy.

MPM Network Bloggers are super excited to share their Halloween Recipes, Crafts, Decor Ideas and so much more with you this holiday season. Make sure you take a peek at the fabulous posts below. Surely you will find something that makes you smile

One lucky reader will receive a $500 K-Mart Gift Card!

Giveaway ends October 28th at 11:59pm, open to US, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.
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Disclosure: All In An Iowa Mom's Day is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Please contact with questions or to see your business or blog featured on the next big event!

My 188th Wordless Wednesday Post

Monday, October 14, 2013

U.S. Cellular Calling All Communities Campaign (CAC) Kicks Off November 4, 2013

Disclosure: I am part of the Better Moments Blogger Brigade Program. I did receive compensation for this post. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.

OK~ U.S. Cellular continues to keep our family connected while keeping communities involved in their education. As a member of U.S. Cellular's Better Moments Blogger Brigade, I am proud to announce that the Calling All Communities Campaign (CAC)  runs for the fifth year, from November 4-25th in 2013. Since this program began in 2008, U.S. Cellular has awarded $4 million to 56 schools across the country. With this campaign getting ready to launch, now is the time to rally your troops!

You can rally your community by sharing this information at your local PTO Meeting, asking local businesses to share a printable flyer that will be available on the website, and maybe even get your school Principal involved; such as a pie-throwing contest. Each community is unique, so you can develop a game plan to help your school win $25,000. Yes, you read that correct. The top 20 schools that garner the most community votes will each win $25,000 to use as they wish to enhance their educational experience.

Past winning schools have outfitted their classrooms with computers, improved outdated infrastructure and renovated gymnasiums, kitchens and science labs. A few gave scholarships to graduating students while others donated some of their winnings to non-profits around the world.

Now is the time to rally the troops in your community. I know my local school district, the Mason City Community School District would benefit from this, as I am sure yours would too. Wouldn't it be fun to hear your local school district announced as a winner in 2013?

Keep in mind that when the program kicks off, there is only one vote per person, so you will need the entire community to get involved. I know that several school districts would benefit from what this program has to offer, so dig in now and spread the word. This is an opportunity to win a share of $500,000, which is not too shabby from my point of view.

For more information as to how you can locally become involved, visit our local U.S. Cellular store located at 1532 4th SW Mason City, Iowa.

Make a difference in the lives of the kids in your local community by helping spread the word. U.S. Cellular wants to support your local school district and strengthen the learning experience for thousands of students. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

If You Are A Blogger, You Need To Attend A Blogging Conference

OK~ Several of people in the world of blogging have expressed an interest in trying to understand the value of a blogging conference. For me, it is connecting with others that "get" me! By attending a blog conference I find other bloggers that inspire me, share their successes and failures, and I take it all in. Once I return home, I can take the knowledge I learned by networking with others to grow in my own business.

Now, I must be honest, this blogging train has turned into something that I never imagined. Due to the fact that bloggers need to embrace Social Media, yes, we do- 24/7; we become very knowledgeable with these Social Media Channels. Over the course of the past year I have found myself helping other bloggers get their blogs up and running, as well as guiding businesses both near and far with their Social Media Channels. This blog has been my online resumé and I never saw it that way until  4 1/2 years into this.

If you are content where you are with your blog, keep doing what you are doing. If you want to change things, get out and learn! Attend Social Media Conferences and find out what others are doing. Get a feel for where you can soar higher. Social Media opportunities are everywhere. I am not a crafty person, but you give me a challenge when it comes to Social Media, I can get very crafty! Oh yeah, and you will have to invest time and money. Good things come to those that make the effort and time to go a little further.

Tracy Beckerman, author of  Lost in Suburbia, is just one of hundreds of amazing people I have met through blogging. A blogging conference with a little 80's fun is always a hit!

Please do not go online and complain that you cannot attend such and such a conference due to financial constraints. Turn your complaint into a positive, start looking for conference sponsorship six months before the conference. If you want to move your blog forward, you will find a way to attend a blog conference.

I love helping other businesses grow. I love the people I have met at blogging conferences, both brand reps and attendees. I also love the fact that it's all up to me as to where this blogging gig goes. As a blogger, I am in the driver's seat.

If you want to be a better blogger and be stronger in your Social Media Channels; you need to be attending Blog Conferences. Trust me, you will hear a speaker that will literally inspire you and change your life! You will meet fellow bloggers and writers that you can collaborate with on future projects. The experience is life changing. Pay attention to the conferences that will be traveling through your Twitter stream over the course of the next few months.

I am not going to suggest any one particular conference to any of you, as I have been to several and have walked away with a wealth of knowledge from every single one. If you want to soar, you will find the conference that fits your needs and one that will move you from Point A to Point B. Remember, your path may not be how you envision it, so be flexible. My path has a lot of zig zags and I'm comfortable with it, as I am going places!

Step out of your comfort zone and make it a priority to attend a blogging conference in 2014, you will be glad you did. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Friday, October 11, 2013

AgChat Foundation, American Farm Bureau Federation And Others Are Teaming Up To Help Victims of Atlas Blizzard

OK~ Agriculture is in my back yard, day in and day out farmers are out and about in my neighborhood. This story hit close to my heart. The farmers and ranchers in South Dakota are hurting and I am sharing this information with you, as I feel we all need to be aware that this did happen. If you can help out in anyway, shape or form; I know it would be greatly appreciated. Here are the details of this catastrophic event that occurred last week. In my opinion, with the possibility of the loss of up to 100,000 animals, this is a national crisis.


Elko, Minnesota - In an effort to bring emergency relief to ranchers affected by Winter Storm Atlas, AgChat Foundation is uniting several groups and organizations. With a goal of raising $500,000, the 501(c)3 organization is able to gather donations and provide 100% of the contributions to rancher led organizations in South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming, including the Rancher Relief Fund established by Black Hills Community Foundation. Funds will be equally distributed between the states.

AgChat Foundation has received the support of many agricultural organizations and agribusinesses such as American Farm Bureau Federation and Tyson Foods. Additionally, the foundation is working with rancher run organizations in South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming. 

While preliminary accounts are still limited, some officials believe that upwards of 60,000 head of cattle and sheep were affected in the storm. “Ranching families across the prairie are experiencing the trauma and loss like never before. The loss of livestock is shocking to the core. Our hearts are raw,” stated South Dakota rancher Jodene Shaw.  She continues on her blog, “you don’t just simply go “buy new cows” and start over. The foundation is removed. The legacy. The years. The work. The love. The faith.” She also points to the economical impact on families but strongly voices concern over the toll on ranchers’ emotional investments. Near the end of the post, Shaw reflects, “yesterday, as I saw live cattle, I wanted to wrap my arms around their neck and kiss their faces.” Search and rescue efforts have been widely inhibited due to the snow depths so full-scale ramifications of the storm may not be seen for some time. 

The unified campaign has been established at the AgChat Foundation’s giving site. 

As a 501(c)3 organization, all donations to the Rancher Relief Fund are completely tax deductible. Additional organizations and brands are encouraged to partner in these efforts. Inquiries about partnering or giving can be directed to Executive Director, Emily Zweber at (651) 341-0430. For additional information, please visit

After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

If you would like more information or to schedule an interview with AgChat Foundation President Jeff VanderWerff or affected ranchers, please contact Jenny Schweigert at 309-241-8803 or email

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Harvest Is Underway In Iowa

OK~ Here we are in another harvest season here in Iowa. 2013 was a very challenging Spring, as we had record rainfall. Several acres of prime crop land went unplanted in our area, as many insurance plans would not allow the farmer to plant after such and such a date. The interesting part of all of this is the fact that it is now October 10th and we have not had a freeze. So, the crops that were planted and mudded in, are actually going to do well!

There is not a whole lot of corn harvesting going on yet, but soybean harvest is in full swing!

The change from Summer to Fall seems to happen quickly here in Iowa. The soybeans and corn are very green and then in a relatively short period of time, the plants are ready to be picked. Here's what an Iowa soybean field looks like from the cab of a combine.

Our farmers all across the United States put in a lot of hours to get food on our tables. The combines will run from dawn until dusk, and then some. The combines of today have auto steer, lots of electronics on board, as well as headlights in every direction to keep 'em going after dark.

And just remember, if you happen to meet a farmer with a tractor and wagon on the road, keep your distance.

The farmers are going in and out of field driveways and making turns where it's sometimes hard to see. Give them space and don't forget to wave! You know, farmers are some of the most friendly people you will ever meet. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shutterfly Brings Holiday Fun For Your Family : Giveaway of $50 Code To Shutterfly

Shutterfly holiday cards

OK~ Shutterfly is offering another fun holiday collection of holiday cards. Anytime I have the opportunity to share these amazing products with you, I do. I did receive a gift code for product from Shutterfly, which I know I will adore! You too can win a supply of product from Shutterfly, just stick with me to learn how. As always, the opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's. New design styles which feature a 5x7 folded tri fold and back of card designs highlight the 2013 collection. Check out Shutterfly's wonderful selection of holiday cards for the upcoming 2013 holiday season.

The Tilted Fun Holiday Card is merry and bright, while featuring holiday fun! Imagine your family on the front of this fun holiday card.

For a little more classic look featuring snowflakes and family fun, the Frosted Greetings Holiday Card offers a fun setting. Do you see your family featured in the snowflakes and fun of the holidays?

Maybe you have a lot of moments you would like to share this holiday season. The Captured Moments Christmas Card gives you the opportunity to showcase several moments. You can personalize this card with your own greeting and everyone's names. There's also room for more photos and wishes on the back. The ideal holiday card for the family with a lot to share!

If the vintage look is one your desire, Shutterfly has you covered in that department. The Vintage Vision Holiday Card is warm and allows you to add your own greeting and everyone's names. This fun holiday card also has room for more photos and wishes on the back.

Shutterfly also offers a nice selection of photo gifts. With several new photo gifts for 2013, you will want to take a look around. How about a personalized iPad Case? Imagine the fun you can have personalizing this and more! 

Join in more holiday fun on October 16th at 8 PM (ET) for a Pinning Party #PhotosYouLove with the Resourceful Mom. With Shutterfly the  holiday cards and gift giving can be underway in a short period of time.

I'm also excited that Shutterfly is offering one of you a $50 off of your total order (plus free shipping) code at Shutterfly. Enter through the Rafflecopter form below. Shutterfly has a lot of fun holiday cards and gifts to choose from, so dig in, and let the holiday fun begin! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Really? Boot Season With 80 Degree Temps

OK~ I am confused and my recent get-away confirmed the fact that Fall is a difficult time of year to know how to dress. The calendar says Fall, yet the temps are still in the 80's in a large part of the country.

I had the opportunity to spend 10 days in Atlanta, Georgia, and all I can say is, "Wow! Talk about confusion!" It must be the old lady in me that just cannot wear a pair of boots until I really need to. I noticed boots in all shapes and forms when it was 80+ degrees in the great outdoors. My feet get very hot and they would not be comfy in those hot temps. When my feet are not happy, I am not happy.

Mind you, I was not the only person sporting open toed shoes, but I was easily placed into the minority. Boots were much more common than sandal wear.

I know that people in the south have a difficult time trying to understand how us Northerners can wear shorts with a sweatshirt. I am comparing this boot scenario to that. But really, fur lined boots with shorts, in 80 degree temps? This lady does not get it.

I understand the concept of fashion boots. But, fashion boots to this Iowa Mom are worn when it is too cold for shoes. So, I guess if you want to wear boots, you break down and sweat it out in the South. My boots will come out of the closet when they are needed. I will not cram my toes into closed in footwear until absolutely necessary.

And sadly I am now home to 50 degree temps and boot season looks closer than I want it to be. I know there are warmer days ahead in Iowa, yet in all reality, Fall has arrived and I will embrace it!

So, tell me. Are you sporting boots today or another type of shoe? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?