Saturday, October 19, 2013

This The Season For Car Repairs And The End Of Sibling Rivalry

OK~ It's been one wild and crazy week-end in this house! From the usual car repairs to the house in disarray, I'm still trying to get my oars rowing together. If you have a teen or young adult, you can probably relate to the ongoing car repairs. There is always oil to be changed, spark plugs to be updated, new batteries needed when the weather turns, and of course; the usual brake repairs. Thankfully, our boys are blessed to have a Dad that can do 90% of their car repairs. But, it all takes time. I seriously do wonder how many hours my husband has spent on car repairs through the years.


From the tire blow outs to the car blowing up, we have had our share! What should a Mom expect with two young men in the house, right? Our boys are learning as they lend a hand helping him with the repairs. Today I witnessed all three of them working together while repairing one of their cars. First time ever- YES, there is hope friends. All three of them getting along and working together to get the car back together.

As the project wrapped up, it was fun to see our 22 and 18 year old son ride together in the car. They have NEVER done that. We jokingly said, "The ride may take longer, as they will have to stop to argue!" Low and behold, they got along great and were still speaking when they returned.

I have always stated that sibling rivalry is very high at our home, and ti's nice to see that maybe things have turned in that department. I am here to tell you, if you have kids that argue, there is hope! If our two boys can get along and actually enjoy each other's company, it is possible. Hey, it only took 18+ years- After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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