Thursday, October 24, 2013

Which Facebook Face Are You?

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OK~ It's been interesting to watch Facebook evolve over the years, specifically the users of Facebook. The past couple years, several folks that said, "I will never join Facebook," are now posting things more often than I can keep up with. These posts got my wheels a turning. There seem to be many faces of Facebook, which one are you?

The Mom: Are you always posting pictures of you and your kids going from soccer practice to piano lessons and back home again? Or, are you sharing recipes (TONS OF RECIPES) that you strive to find the time to create? If you meet any of the above criteria, I'm classifying you as a Mom on Facebook.

The Stalker: Are you on Facebook, yet never post anything? It's always interesting how I can be out and about and someone will say that they saw so and so did that, according to Facebook. In the back of my mind I am thinking, "Umm... You never post anything!" Therefore, I'm classifying you as a Stalker.

The Gamer: I do get a lot of game requests and I do see lots of folks on Facebook are gamers. Personally, I do not have the time to embrace these games. Although I can say this, I have no clue what traveling folks did before Candy Crush was created. The last flight I was on, I counted more than eight people within my view playing Candy Crush! If you like to play games, send out game requests, you have the Facebook face of a Gamer.

The Politician: Now, I honestly do not care what party you belong to, but I do care when you flood my feed with one political rant after another. There you have it, enough said! I'm classifying you as a Politician.

My point being, think before you post or send requests on Facebook. It is probably fair to say that you joined Facebook to connect with family and friends. Why not make the connections positive? I have seen friendships destroyed over the political rants, as well as the constant postings of religious issues.

Enjoy Facebook, interact with others and embrace the opportunity to connect with others! Facebook is a Social Media platform that you easily utilize on a daily basis. Please, remember to "think" before you post that Status Update. Which Facebook face are you? Are you one that I did not mention, if so, which one? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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