Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Is Coming and This Mom Is Not Ready

OK~ Christmas is seriously only a few days away and I have not baked, sent out Christmas cards, or finished my shopping. I don't have a lot of shopping to do, but I do have a few items to pick up here and there. With no holiday programs or parties to attend, Christmas is sneaking up on this household. Music Man Square, in my hometown, is home to a nice lighted holiday display this year. I went to check it out yesterday and took in the lights and Christmas displays. This was one of my favorite settings in the museum.

When our kids were younger it seemed like during the month of December we were running here and there and everywhere. Do I miss all that running? Nope! It's a different kind of nice, having a calendar with time to breathe is very nice. I'm finding myself not getting wrapped up in all the material things that Christmas has to offer.

Maybe it has to do with my age. All I really want for Christmas is for my "brood" to be under one roof for one day! That seems to be the case when our kids spread their wings and fly.This road of life called parenting really changes as our kids age. When our kids are younger it seems to be all about Santa and the "stuff" that Christmas has to offer. Yet, as parents, we try to instill the meaning of Christmas as all of the holiday chaos goes on all around us.

So.... I will embrace the season. I best settle down and get working on those Christmas cards as it's been a tradition in this household for years. For now, this Mom is not ready to give up sending out Christmas cards.

Oh yeah, and then there's that little project of decorating the Christmas tree. The tree is up but the ornaments are not on it yet. I remember when our boys were little, they could not wait to decorate it. I guess I better get crackin' on that project too! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I feel you Sara. As we get older, we find ourselves wanting less presents and not going as crazy feeling like we have to buy them because everyone's so happy just to get together. We have to travel every holiday so we don't spend much time decorating or baking, which is nice in some ways, but I also feel like I'm missing those activities sometimes. I do love Christmas cards, though. What a great way to spread some joy.

  2. I try to set a to do list for myself each week but I do have to admit, it seems like several things have been on the list for a couple of weeks now... I am jest thankful that my kids still are young enough that they don't care that our tree isn't decorated yet (I think this is my last year of that though!).


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