Friday, January 10, 2014

Mother Nature Has a Grip On This House And This Mom Is Trying To Adjust

OK~ Our household has been pretty cozy the past ten days. When the winds are blowing 30 mph and the actual air temperature is -13 degrees, it doesn't make for a lot of outdoor fun. Our household now consists of two grown adults, an 18 year old and two dogs. One would think we would all do our own little thing and life would be just peachy. Well, not so.

I enjoy spending time at home when I can pick and choose what I am going to do. I like being able to work a little bit, move some laundry around, and then step outdoors for a few minutes. Well, Winter in Iowa does not allow for all of that freedom. One could argue that the answer is to still go outdoors and dress in tons of layers and enjoy it. Would someone explain to me how putting on all of those layers can be fun? I don't see the value of it. Maybe if I was still 10 years old I would want to go out and build a snow fort or another outdoor snow activity it would interest me. This 40 something year old Mom has no desire to experience that again!

So, how did I cope this past week? It was challenging. When Mother Nature dictates that I need to stay home and in the house, I do not like it. When I choose to stay home and in the house, I do like it. I guess you could call me stubborn.

The one and only solution that I can come up with is to move South. A cold snap to southerners is a couple days of maybe freezing and winter has passed. The older I get, the more this body is telling me to get out of the cold and into the warmer climate.

Oh yeah, and you know how we are always blessed with car chaos. We had that too this week. Why would a heater choose not to work during the coldest days of the year? Go figure. Moving forward- I will continue to keep working and search for all that color that I so dearly miss this time of year. The white, frosty trees are pretty for one day and that's it. Time for those greens, blues, and floral colors to return.

For those of you that had to deal with five days of an extended Christmas vacation this past week, I honestly have no clue how you did it. With kids cooped up in the house that long, I think I would have been pulling my hair out! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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