Thursday, January 23, 2014

Really? Another Day With a High Below Zero

OK~ We've had day after day of below zero temps here in Iowa this year. Actually, during January this year we have had several days with a high of something below zero. We've been coping, trying to cope! I know many of my friends in the south struggle to survive when it gets around freezing. Who can blame them? Folks in the South are not used to freezing temperatures, where as in the Northland we anticipate cold.

These extreme cold temperatures are challenging for people, cars, and homes. I really can't blame our garage door for taking it's sweet time when I push the button for it to go up. It creaks and makes sounds that I did not know that it could. Thinking I need a new Jeep, from Deery Brothers: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Ram dealership to store in here, maybe that would solve the creakiness, you think?

We do have blue skies today, the winds are a blowing, BUT we do have sunshine! A little bit of sunshine does wonders for the soul. I just wish it was easier to breathe when stepping outdoors. The cold air really does take your breath away.

Schools are closed throughout North Iowa. Families have the opportunity to play board games and maybe watch a movie or two. There's something to be said about the term snow day! Snow days to promote family togetherness can be a win,win.

The best solution for dealing with cold and snow seem to be the Caribbean! How about an escape to the Caribbean? A drive to the Des Moines or Minneapolis airport and I could be on my way. Definitely something to think about.

How are you and your family coping with Winter this season? Are you hitting the local ice skating rink, sledding or sitting around the kitchen table playing board games? On the flip side- Spring is coming! We just have to be patient. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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