Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Has Arrived With A Vengeance In North Iowa

OK~ We have Winter and boy, do we have Winter here in North Iowa. We are down below zero (actual temperature) for the next couple days. I can recall the single digit below zero days, but double digit below zero for a high just sounds ridiculous!

As my Facebook newsfeed scrolls in front of me, I see several young adults posting that they do not recall temperatures this cold. And you know what? They are too young to remember it being this cold. The last time we were this cold here in North Iowa was 1995. Many of these young adults were very young or just born.

The one good thing out of this cold, is the fact that we don't have a lot of snow on the ground. Here's a good view of how full our road ditches are, which are not too bad.

And it was on Friday this past week that our local school district decided to close their doors for Monday. I cannot recall school closing when I was younger due to cold wind chills. But then again, I did not have to walk for two miles through a blizzard to the country school like my relatives did. Times have changed. Are we smarter, or are we more scared of what "could" happen? I struggle with this. Life is full of the unknown and our kids need to know that there are risks in life. But then again, I suppose one of those risks should not include going to school and something "could" happen.

Now those bone chilling temps of -13 degrees (our actual high forecasted for Monday) is not a hot one by any means. It's time to bundle up and try to see the beauty of Winter. There is beauty all around us. How about this sunset?

If your kids or yourself are outdoors, make sure you have gloves, face masks, hats, wool socks, boots, a heavy coat and are dressed in layers. And one other note, make sure your winter survival kit is packed in your car! Water, candybars, extra wool socks, first aid kid, portable "charged" cell phone charger, and an extra blanket are a good basic winter survival kit to toss in your car.

If you have teen drivers in your house, the day off from school on Monday may be a good day to take inventory on those winter survival kits. Once the kids head back to school, we will still have very cold temps around.

Embrace Winter friends, as it looks like it has arrived with a vengeance. I am going to hunker down in my house and keep the hot chocolate in the mugs. How will you and your family deal with these ultra cold temps? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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