Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Attitude Makes A Difference In Everything We Do

OK~ I've been thinking a lot about the word attitude lately. Do you ever think of your attitude or are you always thinking about the attitude of those around you?

Just today I was in a line at a local grocery store and not one single employee was smiling. I thought to myself, how sad is it that these people come to work every day and are not happy? I get it that some may have been having a bad day or felt under the weather. Seriously, life is too short to have a job that you dislike that much.

I will admit, Winter has been a challenge. Take a look at something like this to quickly change your attitude. Make it the best that you can!

Could it be that one person came to work with a poor attitude that rubbed off on the person next to them, and then the sour attitude kicked in for everyone? I have learned from experience through all of my 40 something years and my life as a Mom, that attitude makes the difference in 99% of what we do in our lives.

Throughout our younger sons high school trapshooting days, I can tell you that attitude made a huge difference in how successful many trapshooters were. Kids that came to practice without their heads in the game, did not shoot well. Kids that came to practice with their heads in the game, shot well! So many things in our lives are determined by our attitude and it should be something we all focus on every single day.

I have chosen to surround myself with people that want positive things in their lives, and I can tell you that it has made a huge difference in my own life. Of course, it does help that I have a job that I love. Being able to write, connect, and work with people day in and day out, I am happy.

So, how is your attitude? Try having a positive attitude every single day and I'll bet you and your family will all be much happier! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. I agree 100%! What kills me are people on facebook who always publish post that are negative... especially on Mondays. If you already have a bad mood going into work how is the rest of your day ... or even week going to pan out? I'll tell you how, it's going to suck! I try and post up beat messages, mine yesterday was. "It's Monday, Don't Forget to be AWESOME!"

    Positivity spreads Positivity :) Great post.

    -Brittany @ www.simplyadapting.blogspot.com


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