Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mom and Dad Return Home To Find This And That

OK~ I will admit that it is pretty darn nice to have an 18 year old to stay home and take care of the dogs and house while my hubby and I leave town. So, what should parents expect when they return home? It's no secret that our boys are slobs, as they like to leave their stuff here and there. And I tend to toss things here and there now and then too. Upon entering the house, here's the kitchen!

After a week of being absent, hubby and I honestly didn't think it was too bad. It appeared he had hot dogs, hot dogs, and hot dogs! An easy meal for an 18 year old boy. Maybe, just maybe one day he will surprise us and things will be all neat and tidy. And yes, the counter was clear when we left.

Now, his tv area is another story, Check this out.

It looks like Subway, McDonald's and Taco John's faired well while we were gone. Nathan's hot dogs and fast food kept his belly full while we were away. The biggest surprise was the fact that he drank 3/4 of a gallon of milk while we were gone. Top that off with all of these pop containers, I don't think our kid missed many liquids while were were out of town. If this is seriously the biggest issue we have when we leave town, no big deal, it's a simple fix. Took five minutes and things were good to go!

And then there were the two dogs. They are a challenge, as they like to go in and out, in and out. Seriously, it can be -10 degrees outside and they like to play the let's go in and out game! I cannot wait for warmer temps to arrive and stick around for a while. I keep telling myself that spring is coming and we will then have a mud festival to enjoy! Right now a mud festival sounds pretty darn inviting to me.

It was reassuring to know that we did have a responsible 18 year old son at home holding down the fort. He does a good job! The dogs are happy and were well fed and it appears that our son faired ok in the food department too.

So, back to the day to day routine and the chaos of day to day living return now! And yes, we did have to ask him to clear off his table, so we could actually see the tv. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. As long as the house was still in one piece when you got back, I consider that to be a success! Welcome back!

  2. That's how we roll too! It was not as bad as we expected. Surprise, Surprise.


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