Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter In Iowa: Red Triangle And School Alerts Seem To Be The Norm This Year

OK~ We've got winter here in full force. It's returned with a vengeance. It never really left, but we did have a couple days of upper 30's, so we were all ready to break out the flip flops. And then Mother Nature decided she was going to follow through with yet, another red triangle that has popped up on my cell phone for 90% of the winter.

That red triangle has represented the following for the past six weeks:

  • High Wind Watch
  • High Wind Warning
  • Winter Storm Watch
  • Winter Storm Warning
  • Ice Storm Watch
  • Ice Storm Warning
  • Winter Weather Advisory
  • Blizzard Watch
  • Blizzard Warning
Seriously, I do appreciate these alerts, but I am begging Mother Nature to give us at least a 12 hour break from the red triangle popping up on my cell phone. This probably does warrant a red triangle, but I really don't want to admit it.

And then the school issue pops up. Now that our boys have both graduated from high school, I am not personally impacted if school is held or not. But, I do see how frustrated families are with the issue. We have been under a Blizzard Watch for the past couple days and a Blizzard Warning today. Two local school districts opted to have school. The issue I have with this is the fact that the Iowa DOT was providing Iowans with tons of public service announcements telling folks to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. I personally respect the Iowa DOT and value their opinion, not so sure that these two local school districts think that way. They did dismiss a couple hours early, in the midst of heavy, wet snow. What was so interesting, is the fact that right after school was dismissed, accidents started popping up all over the place.  It's definitely a day of job security for our local highway patrol and policemen. 

What's a parent to do? And we all know that it's not just that easy to call in and excuse a kid from school. When our boys were in Middle School, I had to drag them into the Dr.'s office when they had the stomach flu to get a medical excuse. They attended school regularly, but this was the district policy if you did not want an unexcused absence on your child's record.

Blizzard or not- I get why parents home school. Home schooling parents did not have to battle the school attendance issue and knew that their kids were safe during an Iowa blizzard. 

Hopefully, the snow days for our kids will be easier for school districts to call, as Spring gets closer. In the grand scheme of things, there has to be a safer and smarter day to have school.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to thank your child's bus driver. They have a large bus to maneuver around with a load of precious cargo. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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