Saturday, March 15, 2014

Opportunities Are All Around Us When It Comes To Blogging

OK~ Nobody told me that when I started blogging I was entering such a fun filled world! I never intended to grow as a person through blogging or even find myself educating others. Now, do I have all of the answers? Nope!

There are lots and lots of questions about blogging. Everyone wants to know something different, and that's what makes blogging unique. There is a place for all of us in the blogosphere. There is a place for bloggers that want to monetize their blogs, as well as folks that just want a place to share their passion through writing.

My boys have learned through the years that Mom does find some cool places to visit. For example, my boys will tell you that it was pretty cool to have a Mom that blogs when they found themselves spending a week-end at Cedar Point! Yep, a week-end packed full of family fun. Mom worked and then played with the family. So, it was all good.

If you are a blogger looking for a way to learn more about blogging as a business and interested in exploring an amusement park, you may want to buy your ticket to Bloggy Conference now! Tickets are going fast, as Bloggy Conference is a family, friendly conference that will help you build your blogging business. Your family is welcome to attend with you and trust me, the fun they will have on all of the roller coasters will be time well invested!

Blogging offers opportunity and your own space to share whatever your little heart desires. One of my favorite blogs to follow is It's Just Life. Beth Ann welcomes readers into her own little corner on line while she finds the extraordinary in the ordinary. She is passionate about her writing and loves her tea pots! Check out her blog on Tea Pot Tuesday- it's truly a day to check in on Beth Ann's blog. You can listen to Beth Ann on Tuesday's on KCMR Radio at 8:30 a.m (CST) to listen to what she has to share about her blog.

Are you a wanting to be a blogger or do you currently blog? I'd love to hear about your adventures and what your dreams include. Remember, now is the time to start living your dream! Today is the day you make your dreams come true. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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