Sunday, March 9, 2014

What Season Is It? It's That Time Of Year When People Dress For All Four Seasons

OK~ I know that many of my fellow Iowans cannot wait for Spring to actually arrive. Today we are pushing the low 40's and tomorrow the upper 40's. What's really so interesting about this time of year in Iowa is the vast difference of clothing that people wear.

While out and about this morning I saw a lady wearing a cheap pair of flip flops, you know those $5.00 ones for the beach with capris? A few feet near her was a woman wearing snow boots, a hat, winter coat and gloves! And then around the corner was a man wearing shorts, a t-shirt with tennis shoes and socks. See what I am talking about?

You are probably now asking, "What were you wearing?" I was wearing jeans, boots, and a winter coat. Trust me, I love wearing sweatshirts once spring arrives, but 20 degree temps surrounded by snow/ ice and a projected high of low 40's later in the day was not enough to warrant a change of my dress code, YET!

I can guarantee you that our 18 year old son would have been wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. That is his dress code 90% of the time, as winter coats are over rated. I can remember when I was in junior high I tried to go without wearing a coat to school, but Mom won that battle. Her argument, "What if the bus gets stuck in the ditch?" Yep, made sense. I did not like it, but it makes perfect sense now that I am 40+ years old.

I did wear these to my home office last week.

My 23 year old son said, "Nice, perfect for the commute, Mom!" Yep, he gets it. I walk up 12 stairs and I sit in my comfy chair to tackle a work day.

We still have roads that look like this, so we have a few days to go!

So, I do think it will be a few days before I can even consider wearing sandals outside of the house! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Np sandals here yet. Matter of fact soon it will be mud season. Mud. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I think Iowa has 5 seasons!


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