Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Holiday Without Cell Phones = Success!

OK~ We had a wonderful family day for Easter 2014. We have had rain showers throughout the day with occasional sunshine, and the rain sure greened the grass up quickly. Now we patiently wait for the leaves to begin to bud on the trees.

The one thing that was really nice today about Easter was the fact that everyone had their cell phones put away. Imagine that?! On the downside, we don't have photos of the day, but we do have some fun memories.

Some family members were home ill, others had to leave right after eating, as they had to work tonight, so all in all it worked out fine. Can you recall the last family event you attended where the teens, young adults, and adults were not snapping photos or posting things immediately to social media? Many of you know that I love social media, but I also strongly believe the number one way to communicate is by talking to someone face to face. And we all know that it's kind of hard to do that when others are on their cell phones 24/7.

A game of cards, 500 was played all afternoon and food was eaten by everyone! And the conversations were very good. Pictures of "old" family members were passed around. Now I'm talking photos from the early 1900's and earlier with no dates on them. It was decided that it was a good thing to not stay out in the sun, unless you wanted to have wrinkles like that "old" woman in the photos. The old woman in the photos was my Great Grandma's Grandma. Yeah, try to figure that one out! That's an old photo with old clothing.

I challenge you to do the same at your next family gathering. Can you do it? Trust me.... you can. And you won't regret it! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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