Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dr. Michele Borba: Empathy Needs To Be Taught For Bullying To Slow Down

OK~ Bullying has been around for a long time and the scary thing is that bullying continues to evolve. It could be due to our increased time online where people are not speaking directly to someone. The number one way to communicate is still face to face. Many people feel that they have the right to say anything and everything when it's not said face to face. Wrong, that's simply not the case. It's not just kids, it's also Moms and Dads that engage in bullying.

I recently had the opportunity to attend CES Community Empowerment Series) in St. Augustine, Florida, and let me tell you, now that was an eye opener!

Dr. Michele Borba, well known parenting expert, held a session on bullying. I walked away with a wealth of information and sadly, many that needed the information were not in attendance.

Did you know?
  • Bullying is a learned behavior
  • Narcissism is up and empathy is down in our society
  • 20% of 3-4 year olds are involved in youth violence
  • Bully prevention only works in communities that offer a caring and compassionate environment
  • High bully areas are: restrooms, playgrounds, parks, hallways, stairwells, lockers, bus stops, and buses
  • 85% students witness bullying when adults are not present
  • Zero tolerance is not working- empathy is not being taught
Wow- can you say wow? If that information does not open your eyes, I'm not sure anything will. 

So, how do we overcome this huge national problem of bullying? Stressing kindness is one step forward. There are many kids doing great things when it comes to kindness. Kids are changing the norms. Check out what happened here...... A Twitter account was formed- @OsseoNiceThings. One Minnesota teen who became tired of the cyberbullying online decided he would take charge by fighting cyberbullying with kindness.

Kindness is contagious. If everyone focused on kindness, don't you think we would see a shift in behaviors? Keep in mind new behaviors take 21 days of repetition. How many educators and/or parents give up on day #10? And that word empathy, just imagine if kids were taught about empathy. Imagine the possibilities.

It does take a community to be willing to change when it comes to bullying. Guess where most kids feel the safest? The library. I am thinking there is something to be learned from a few librarians around the country. Libraries are not stressful settings, and due to the fact that stress and mental health needs are at an all time high, in regards to our kids, could there be something to this?

Many communities have not embraced and educated teachers, as well as students on how to use social media. That seems to me to be one of the draw backs of why social media has taken off as such a bullying platform. Schools have to step up their game and start educating their staff and students. Social media is a part of our day to day lives and if our kids and educators know how to use it correctly, the doorways to the world open up.

Dr. Michele Borba is working hard to educate families all across the world. She is a motivator and extremely knowledgeable on the topic of bullying.

Dr. Michele Borba's The Big Book of Parenting Solutions offers 101 answers that you as a parent may be searching for. Swing over to her website to learn more about bullying and how you can help slow down this upwards trend in bullying.

I am grateful that I took the time to attend CES (Community Empowerment Series) in St. Augustine, Florida. I have more to share, as Dr. Michele Borba was not the only expert speaking on this day. St. Augustine was lucky to have so many experts under one roof, for one day, sharing helpful parenting tips and more! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Thanks for sharing what you learned. Bullying is very sad and it's unfortunate to see it carrying-on online with both youth and adults.

    1. There is hope, as kids are starting to turn it around. It takes a whole community banning together and realizing how damaging bullying is. Many communities think theirs is exempt. And the statistics of such young kids, makes me shake my head.

  2. An important topic to be sure! Talking about bullying with students and teaching them the best way to handle it when it happens is super important!

    1. Yes... this topic is one that people run from, when in fact, we should be running towards it!

  3. Great topic and very timely! Yes--it exists---it has always existed but it is escalated today in this day of technology. It just seems so much more aggressive these days and it is great that there are people like Michele who are making it their goal to educate folks on this subject that just is not going away.

    1. I wish people could focus on kindness- kindness goes a LONG way!


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