Thursday, April 3, 2014

Earth Day And The iPhone 5s With U.S. Cellular Are Making Our World A Little Greener #SPONSORED

Disclosure: As part of the Better Moments Blogger Brigade Program, I did receive compensation for this post. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's. I have been a U.S. Cellular customer for 10+ years.

OK~ Earth Day is coming quickly and it is that time of year when we all begin to think about how we can make our Earth a little cleaner. I wish we could focus on Earth Day 365 days of the year, but life doesn't seem to work that way. Now that our snow is almost gone in North Iowa, the litter that has been tossed out from car windows is very visible alongside our highways. If folks would not toss trash out their car windows, a lot of this problem could be eliminated.

I recently started using an iPhone 5s and I must tell you, it's pretty sweet! I love how I am now connected with my iPad and iMac. I no longer have to worry about what computer I have my "stuff" on, as it's everywhere! I was kind of skeptical as to what type of photos it would take, and much to my surprise, my photos rock. I love them. The images I take with my iPhone 5s are captured in 8 megapixels and they look fabulous. Check 'em out on Instagram! My life is all captured with a soft touch of a button on my iPhone 5s.

In honor of Earth Day, U.S. Cellular encourages people to recycle their old electronic devices and is providing incentives to do so. Customers can get up to $250 when they trade in qualified smart phones- including Apple iPhones at U.S. Cellular retail locations through the company's Trade- in -Program.

Statistics on the numbers of electronics that are not being recycled are sobering; of the 141 million mobile phones that were discarded in 2009 (the most recent data available), only 12 million were recycled, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Thirty percent of people that do not recycle their used phones refrain from doing so because they don't know where to recycle their devices, according to an online poll conducted by Earth 911.

You can shop a little greener. The GoodGuideApp offers a solution! This app allows users to scan products' barcodes on their smart phones to access science based ratings and scores based on the products being safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly. Information on more than 170,000 items is available, broken down into different categories such as food, cleaning products, and baby items. One simple way to keep tabs on leading a greener lifestyle all year long.

I'd love to hear how you recycle your old electronics. This is an area that is new to many of us, as it's just been within the last five years that smart phones, tablets, and the like are in all of our homes. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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