Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Know That My Iowa Friends Are Better Than This, We Need To Step Up Our Game On Guiding Our Kids

OK~ Iowa, we are better than this! My mind is reeling after Iowa made the news in a not so good way yesterday. VEISHA, an annual event held on the campus at Iowa State University turned ugly. From what I have read online and heard on the radio, several folks gathered at around 11:30 p.m. on a street corner in Ames, Iowa. I happened to stumble upon a video on Twitter showing this gathering. I must admit half way through the three minute clip, I said to myself; "Have I really stooped this low," as I watched the violence take place.

What shocked me the most was these young people, whom many appeared younger than 21, were holding beer bottles in their hands. I was a young person in my life at one time and there was no reason to gather on a street corner at 11:30 p.m., let alone confront the local police department. These people started throwing anything and everything at the police officers. Would someone enlighten me as to why this mob of people would shown no respect to these police officers? In my younger days when the police arrived, we moved on or had a short conversation with the officers. It bothers me that there were so many young adults that had absolutely no respect towards these police officers. 

I love my home state of Iowa, as we have good people that reside here and well mannered young adults that do attend Iowa State University. It's sad that this group of people, and it's not a small group, showed so much disrespect on their college campus.

I'm now asking myself, "How can we as adults help these young people learn to respect police officers?" It makes my stomach churn, as the violence that was expressed was something that I never thought I would see in Iowa. Do we need to find more activities for these youth to do on our college campuses?  Dr. Michele Borba addresses moral intelligence, and I'm thinking this is what these young people may be missing.                                                


I do understand that the city of Ames had to make some repairs to the streets and clean up the vandalism. But, it is too bad that those responsible for the damage were not forced to clean up the mess. If these young people had some personal ties to the damage they did, maybe they would think twice before they did something like this again. 

From the tweets I found in my Twitter thread it did not take me long to figure out who was participating in this mess and who was not. Social Media may provide a lot of information for law enforcement when it comes to finding the guilty young adults. 

Iowa is a great place to call home and we Iowans will strive to keep our state a safe, caring place to call home. VEISHA represents: Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Industrial Science, Home Economics, and Agriculture. It is a time when students show off their college and families celebrate Iowa State University. So, for now, it's all on hold and we wait for things to calm down in Iowa.  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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