Saturday, April 12, 2014

Think Before You Speak, Don't Become "That" Mom

OK~ I've recently been reminded of how everything we as parents do is something that our kids are taking note of 24/7. Sue Scheff recently shared information on the whole topic of Monster Moms. This one really hit home with me while I was out and about this week.

While shopping in a local grocery store this week I came upon two Moms talking, with tweens by their side. They were discussing an upcoming event and they could not believe that so and so was actually going to help. One Mom went as far to say, "Well, I let her know on her Facebook page that her help was not needed." I might add, the tone was not pleasant. I kept walking and the wheels started turning.

Problem #1: Both of these Moms have kids and their own kids are very much aware that they do not want other people to help with their event. When did it become the norm to not accept help from others? I can tell you that being a CubMaster of a local Cub Scout Pack was a lot easier when I had parents volunteer to help out with events. Never once did I turn a parent away.

Problem #2: Facebook, or social media, in general is not the place to turn volunteer help away.

Problem #3: If a community event is going to be successful, social media needs to be used in a positive way, not negative.

Problem #4: Their own tweens were listening to every word said, which was not pleasant.

I know that my boys have always had ears all around- and they still do!

So, going back to these two Moms in the grocery store. I wonder when they will wake up? It is OK to embrace help from "other"parents. I can tell you from experience that events will be much more successful when volunteers are all welcome.

And now these Moms will wonder why their own kids are having issues at school. Or maybe their kids will be causing issues. Until we as adults think about what we are saying in front of our kids and other community members, bullying will be an ongoing problem. Now, I do understand that there is a difference between having one's feelings hurt and bullying. I can also tell you that by the tone of the voices of these Moms, they had intentions of being Monster Moms.

I despise the fact that we label adults and kids when it comes to bullying. The best way to take care of it? We, as adults, need to think before we speak and post comments online. We all make mistakes and we all need a reminder now and then. So, this post is your reminder. Think before you speak, your kids will thank you! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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