Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Means Different Things To Different Folks & I'm Not Sure I Like It

OK~ Today is Memorial Day and it is a day where we remember our fallen soldiers. What is so interesting to me is to how this day is viewed so differently all across our country. I have to say that I was floored when I hopped onto Facebook this morning and saw that several parents were commenting that their kids were in school today. Upon reading that, my head began to spin.

I am wondering, how do parents deal with school if their kids were in a local parade or participating in a flag service at the local cemetery? I would like to think that these kids would be excused from school. It bothers me that families may have had to make these choices today. Memorial Day and an education are both very, very important. I don't think it is fair that families were forced to choose between these two things.

I am old enough to recall when Memorial Day was during the week, May 30th;  and I can remember relatives referring to it as "Decoration Day." As I got older, I began to realize that Memorial Day is when we remember all of those that have passed before us. And yes, it is a day when we do take extra time to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. It's because of their willingness to serve that we have the many freedoms we have today. Since going to a three day weekend, has that lessened the acknowledgement of this holiday?

I am truly grateful for those that have served our country and currently serve. It's because of these people, my family and I can have the freedoms that we have today. I loved the Facebook post that one of my friends had. She shared her grandchildren visiting her parent's grave alongside her. The family history that is learned through a simple visit to a cemetery is truly priceless.

So, today we remember....... It's back to work for 2/3 of our house in a few hours. The Memorial Day weekend ends soon here at our home. Did you have a nice Memorial Day weekend? I hope you did. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. That is horrible that there are kids in school today! I have never heard of such a thing. We had a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. My blog post today's talks a little bit about it ;)

    1. My thoughts exactly- I was stunned to learn that. I fear that our kids of today will not grasp what Memorial Day is. We can only hope that their curriculum today was about Memorial Day.


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