Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day And A Birthday

OK~ It's been a busy week. Mother's Day and a birthday in the house! Would someone enlighten me as to where 19 years went? Our little guy is now more than 6'3" tall and is 19 years old.

I can recall 19 years ago when he was born. It had been wet and the farmers had a break between corn and bean planting. The day he was born it was cloudy and rainy. The following days were warm and sunny. The beans were going in the fields on the day Garrett came home from the hospital. I spent Mother's Day in the hospital that year with our newborn son.

Our adventure as a family of four began. It took no longer than two hours at home when our oldest son sat on our newborn in his infant seat. Yep, and the fun has not ended! Never a dull moment in these 19 years. Then there was the time when both boys decided to bring a pail of worms in the house and not tell me. You know what? Worms smell really, really bad when they die! If it has not been a dog causing chaos, it's been a kid. I would NOT change any of it for the world- this life of parenting is pretty darn fun. Here's our 19 year old when he was 9 months. This was when he liked Mickey Mouse- fast forward one year later, he screamed at the sight of Mickey Mouse

I stumbled across a post through Facebook today that was a simple one, "How old were you when you became a Mom?" What's so interesting..... Oodles of responses and women were between the ages of 16 and 40 when they first became Moms. I know for a fact that many Moms are having kids at older ages and enjoying their lives as Moms. Moms are awesome Moms of all ages and it's evident that Moms work hard, day in and day out, no matter what their age!

In the long and short of this post, my message here is.... For those of you that have young kiddos, I kid you not, the years fly by! You will be in my shoes someday and ask, "Where did those years go? After All, It's All In A Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Happy Birthday to him!!! I think it is amazing how we manage to get on the "other side" of motherhood and can look back and see how it all went so fast!!! Amazing to me to have grown sons. Amazing. You did a great job with yours!!! Enjoy being the mom of an "adult". :-)


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