Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chewy.Com Review: Fun Dog Toys From Planet Dog

OK~ I had the opportunity to review another product from Chewy.Com and of course, I said, "Send it my way." I can also tell you that Skipper, our dog, was very glad to hear that as well. Once the UPS man drops off our package, Skipper goes nuts! He must recognize the writing on the box, you think? offers several sport balls for dogs to play with. Planet Dog brand toys are offered in a nice selection. From tennis balls, baseballs, and squeaky toys of all shapes and sizes Chewy.Com has you covered.

Skipper recognizes the box when Chewy.Com has arrived at our home.

Thankfully we do not receive breakables, as you can only imagine what would happen if he were to destroy that box. He goes absolutely crazy when a box arrives from Chewy.Com.

When you purchase $49 or more, you do receive free shipping on your order. With dog food, dog treats, and dog toys all available here, this is your one stop place for your pet shopping. And if you have a cat, Chewy.Com has you covered, as well. 

We have one happy dog.

Skipper loves to see what comes from Chewy.Com. One thing I can say is that our products have always arrived prompt and are shipped in tight packaging. We have never had an issue with a damaged product upon arrival. 

As you can tell, our house gets a little crazy when the packages arrive from Chewy.Com, but that's OK. A little chaos means all is well in the house and life is good! After All, It's All In A Mom's Day, Right?

* As stated above, I did receive product for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post and opinions are mine and nobody else's.

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  1. So cute that you let your dog open the package. Glad that you have had a positive experience with them-I will have to go look at their website. says 'Hello Better


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