Sunday, June 8, 2014

Everalbum Review

OK~ I was recently introduced to Everalbum, have you heard of them? If you like to take photos and like to keep them organized, you will enjoy Everalbum.

Many of you know that I love to write and talk. But, when it comes to the technology related parts of the blogging world, I struggle. Everalbum does help make the whole photo sharing and storage thing very simple.

Photo editing can sometimes seem difficult. Often times you have to open an app to take the picture and then you open another app to edit the photo. With Everalbum, it's all easy to do in a couple steps without having to open a separate photo editing app. Now that makes Everalbum an easy recommendation for me to give someone. I'm all about simple and this one is just that!

Everalbum offers Editing

You can download the free Everalbum version over at the itunes app store. The Android based version is almost ready to roll out. iPad and iPhone users can now use Everalbum on a daily basis. I also installed it on my desktop computer, giving me another option of working with my photos. If you love sharing photos, you will want to invest in the Premium version of Everalbum. This will save you time and heart break over the loss of your photos.

Everalbum works on several devices

Key Value:

- With Everalbum you will never have to worry about running out of space on your phone EVER again. Once your photos from your phone are backed up, you can delete your camera roll and any future photo you take will automatically be added and backed up to your Everalbum.

- Never worry about losing family photos again. No matter if your computer breaks, or you lose your phone, once in Everalbum they are backed up and safe forever.

- Never worry about privacy or having your photos public. Privacy is very important to us and we've done everything possible to guarantee all of your photos are private to you and only you by default, except when you want to share your photos privately with family and friends.


- Very affordable pricing for families.
- $7.99/month or save 20% by buying yearly at $79/year and have up to 50,000 photos backed up in full resolution.
- Never worry about GBs, or MBs storage, Everalbum doesn't care about that.

On the go... wherever you are- Everalbum has you covered!

Everalbum On The Go

After losing all of the photos from my smartphone last Winter when "stuff" fell off of a shelf in the local coffee shop onto my smartphone, I now understand the importance of why it's important to store photos. Had I installed Everalbum on my phone at that time, this would not be an issue.

Want to sign up for Everalbum Premium? Here ya go! Head on over and sign up today. No more worries when it comes to storing all of your fun photos.

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* A special Thank You to Everalbum for being a sponsor for our June 2014 social media breakfast in North Iowa. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post and the opinions expressed are mine and nobody else's.

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