Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's A Great Day When Your Boys Pay For Their Own Car Parts

OK~ Now that our boys are 19 and 23 one would have to think that the car chaos would end, right? WRONG! Thankfully my hubby is awesome when it comes to fixing cars. And I do believe these two boys of ours do understand why they are lucky. When Dad can make the repairs there are no labor costs, maybe a meal, but that's about it!

I had the job of giving the boys a ride into town to purchase their car parts. Dad stayed home with both of their vehicles. Reality hit when we walked in and both boys knew exactly what they needed and where to find what they needed in the store.

They both paid for their own parts and never batted an eye. Me, I was a Mom in shock! Pleased to know that I had two young adult sons who were independent when it came to shopping and paying for car parts. And in all reality, what would I know anyway, right?

In all reality maintenance on vehicles is on going, but when there are four vehicles around; there's always one that needs something repaired. Remember that day our youngest son's car blew up?  Yeah, I'd like to forget about that day too. I did learn on that day that I would never need to worry about working for a towing company, I blew all of my chances. Yeah, I never did figure out how to control the vehicle being towed with a chain and don't feel a need to learn.

Blessed to have two wonderful young adults in this household- 19 and 23 years old.

Once a Mom, always a Mom. But dang, it's sure nice to realize that independence means something to them and I can relax over this "one" shopping trip to the auto parts store. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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