Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back To School 101: Stay In The Know, On The Go With U.S. Cellular #SPONSORED

Disclosure: As part of the Better Moment Blogger Brigade Program, I did receive compensation for this post. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's. I have been a U.S. Cellular customer for 10+ years.

OK~ The school year is just around the corner and the excitement is building. Getting back into the swing of things always takes some adjustment, whether you have kids or not. Technology can help transition you to getting back into the groove of your fall and winter routines. I can't believe I used the word fall, as summer is still here!

Just recently I had a conversation with a chiropractor and we were discussion backpacks and back to school. Tablets do take some weight out of the backpacks, making life a little easier on the backs of kids And a new survey confirms that our conversation was a "real" one. According to a recent Student Mobile Device Survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 87 percent of students would like to use digital textbooks so they don't have to carry so much in their backpack. And half of those students surveyed used their pocket-friendly smartphones instead of tablets. So.. as you can tell, technology is changing in more ways than one when it comes to our kids and education.

Parents are getting smarter when it comes to parent/ child agreements with their kids and smartphones. U.S. Cellular has an awesome parent/child agreement that families can use to make every day a better day! This agreement works great with the Apple iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S5- and most Apple and Android supported devices.

Every day is a better day when families utilize the tools that U.S. Cellular has to offer.

With reliable mobile access to the internet on a robust network such as a 4G LTE network high-speed network through U.S. Cellular, teachers and students can effectively harness the full capability of this technology.

And the back to school experience can be a little easier when the app Notability is used. Have you heard of it? This powerful note-taker app is free and allows iOS and Android users to complete worksheets, sketch ideas, keep a journal, integrate photos and record a lecture, and keep it all in one place. How cool is that? Use the search feature to quickly locate notes by title or content. Share with others using iCloud or Google Drive.

U.S. Cellular is donating $1 million to fund teacher classroom projects through its Calling All Teachers program. Last year, the company contributed $500,000 towards educational materials for improved classroom experiences. U.S. Cellular is working with for a fourth time and encourages teachers to post their project on the site for potential funding. is a charity website that helps teachers identify funds from corporate and individual donations for classroom projects.

Through U.S. Cellular's ongoing commitment to the community and education, the company has contributed more than $7 million through this and other philanthropic programming. Starting today K-12 public school teachers can register online at and affiliate as a U.S. Cellular teacher. Then beginning August 11, they can post their classroom projects for funding consideration. Through U.S. Cellular has funded more than 4.500 classroom projects to date, which included tools, art equipment and science experiments. All projects must be submitted by September 21 to be eligible for this year's funding. Selected projects will be announced in October.

Every day is truly a better day with U.S. Cellular, making a positive difference in the lives of those in our communities! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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