Saturday, August 30, 2014

The New School Year Has Started, Can We Clean Up Our Act Online?

OK~ The school year just started here this past week in our local school district and I'm here to tell you that our local district is just like several others across the country. As the week progressed my social media feeds blew up with a lot of cyberbullying, bullying, and inexcusable teacher behavior through social media.

When are we as a society going to say enough is enough? Let's face it, our kids today need help and we have to learn how to show them how to stand up for themselves. This continually letting the bullies win is getting us nowhere. I am beginning to think that our kids and even some teachers have failed to remember that the world wide web is world wide. This means that what is posted can be seen by anyone, everyone, which implies world wide.

Think about those Tweets before you send them. For whatever reason, many people seem to think that nobody reads their Tweets. Well, I am here to tell you that people do. In fact, four years ago I found a job on Twitter. And guess how I found it? A company found me- they liked what I had to Tweet about and they also said that I did not Tweet about bad things. They told me a few months later that it was not easy to find a reputable person through Twitter. So many people need to clean up their act, so this is your fair warning- do it today! If you don't, it could very well cost you your job.

So today I thought I would stroll through Twitter and you know what? Our teens today seem to think that it is OK to Tweet with teachers and teachers think it is OK to Tweet with them, while both parties are using what I would call inappropriate language. In no classroom that I am aware of, is the "f" word acceptable. So why do teachers and students think it is OK to use online?

And that's a wrap...... My head is spinning and I'm trying to think of ways parents can help rectify this situation. The best advice I would have is if you see or read a story through social media about someone treating someone very poorly (students and/or teachers), report it to your local school district. Let the authorities determine the validity of a situation. Become involved in your local PTO, this is where change can begin to happen! Get a visitors pass and sit in a few of your child's classes to get a feel for the people he spends his/her days with.

In today's world, parents need to be aware of who is influencing their kids at a very young age. When our oldest son was in Kindergarten I boarded his school bus. The neighbor boys who were in 4th and 5th Grade told me that an older boy on the bus had been threatening our son with scissors for several days. Well, let me tell you, this Mom took charge- boarded the bus and was greeted by the Principal upon arriving at the school. I then learned that there was a procedure for riding your child's bus, who knew? Not I- nowhere in any paperwork did it tell parents there was a procedure if you wanted to ride to school with your child to see how safe things were.

I can only pray that the rest of the school year goes well for all parties. According to social media, we've got a lot of work to do! This Mom is ready to dig her heels in and help people learn that niceness goes a long ways! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. People forget that once it is on the net, it is essentially there for the world to see through screenshots or watever. What kids do surprises me, but the llack of parental controls even more. Parents who would never dream of letting their young child walk down the block without watching allow their children to wander thee web alone.

    I remember a couple of years ago I was playing a game on yahoo, as you know, this cat has been my avatpr ffor a long time but it actually goes back to 1999! Anywaay, while playing this game, a kid and I start chatting. No biggie, I thought until this kid starts giving out info. And it was their real info. The kid knew I was an adult and I told her female but when she kept giving me more and more info I tried telling her not everyone are what they seem. I told her how can she be sure I was a middle aged woman etc. It didnt bother her and she gave more clues and info. Anyway, she gave me enough info, I actually traced who she was with some simple searches and contacted her folks who had no clue she was doing what she was doing. Heck the kid offered pictures. Her folks thanked me when I called them. I hope that parent learned a lesson, but there are way too many parents who think they can trust the judgement of kids with devices that lead to the web with no monitoring.

    Frankly it scares me to pieces.

    1. Scares me to pieces too! Computers, including smart phones are NOT babysitters.


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