Thursday, September 4, 2014

Yes, It's Called World Wide Web For A Reason

OK~ The words world wide web have came across my desk more times in the last few days than I care to mention. When you hear the world wide web, what do you think of? If you are like me, you think of whatever it is being available for everyone, everywhere to see, right?

From what I'm seeing online through social media, a lot of parents seem to have forgotten that. What saddens me is when I see a post that says, "Her Dad thinks that I have shared too much about the new school year online." That, right there should be a time for Mom to step back and look at what she is sharing online.

How do you as a parent recognize when you have shared too much? Or, is it something that has never crossed your mind? Now I understand that our digital world is a lot different from when our boys were younger, but I do still think twice before I share something about them.

We are a very digital oriented society. Our kids are growing up using technology, which I do believe is a good thing; but it's also important to remember that kids still need to know how to talk to people. When a person sits behind a computer screen they think they are anonymous and they can spout off at the mouth. Ummm, not so.

Kids are reading what Mom and Dad are posting, neighbors and relatives are talking about the posts and things spread like wildfire. And if it's about something that is not true- big problems can set in.

So, the next time you hop on the world wide web, do your family a favor and think about what you are sharing online. Your kids will be grateful and you may even gain a friend or two! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Agree! When I write something about my family my rule of thumb is would it be embarrassing to them. Could I comfortably say it in front of them?


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