Monday, October 13, 2014

Five Star Co-op: Keeping Communities Alive In North Iowa

OK~ The North Iowa Bloggers and I recently visited Five Star Co-op located in Burchinal, Iowa. As you know, Fall is a super busy time of year here in North Iowa.

Farmers are busy harvesting and the co-ops are all extremely busy. This particular co-op is one that I grew up with. It was known as the Burchinal Co-op for many years and has been a Five Star Co-op for several years.

Five Star Co-op is the heart of Burchinal, as there is no post office, school or store. There are several homes and maybe 100 people in town. So, when I say that Five Star Co-op is the heart of Burchinal, Iowa, it is very true.

Five Star Co-op is a resource for farmers when it comes to agronomy products, as well as knowledge. Petroleum, feed, and hardware are all available for purchase. Farmers were hauling in corn and soybeans on the day we visited.

The employees of Five Star Co-op shared their knowledge when it comes to being safe and what an ear of corn is made of. Did you know that an ear of corn has an even number of kernels around it?

Agriculture is constantly changing, but you know what? The basics of raising crops to provide food and energy for all of us still remains. Farmers are hardworking people that work hard all year long and strive to be good people in our world. Five Star Co-op in Burchinal still has one of the older elevators on the premises and is used regularly. Look at the difference in how these bins look and will look in the future. These steel bins hold a lot more grain than the older storage unit.

I was intrigued by this panel of buttons, codes and locks. All of this is in place to keep the corn dryer functioning and keep the employees safe. Keep in mind, the bin on the left has nothing this electronic installed in it. Technology is changing how employees work in the world of agriculture. There's still a lot of hands on jobs with Five Star Co-op, it's just different from 25 years ago.

And just in case you need a job, check out all the listings that Five Star Co-op has. Thank you to Five Star Co-op in Burchinal for educating us on what you do for our community.

For me..... I will continue to enjoy harvest with my family and look forward to see how our local co-ops evolve to meet the needs of our farmers.

There's nothing like a combine ride with Dad, a ritual that's been going on for 46 years. Yes, you read that correct, 46 years! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I had no idea that there was an even number of kernels! I'm so bummed I missed it and can't wait for next time. I love learning about farming :)

    1. Donna- We missed you. Hopefully you will be around during our next tour of the co-op.

  2. Great blog, great message, thank you so much for your interest in our co-op and for the visit! We had a great time and are looking forward to a trip to the Feed Mill with your group this winter if you are available!


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