Monday, October 6, 2014

October Brings Changes To Iowa

OK~ I've talked about Fall being in the air and you know what? It's more than a few days into October and we still have views like this here in North Iowa.

It's unusual to have soybean fields ALL around us this late into October. Usually by this time, a field like this, is hard to come by. But you know what? It's really interesting to this Iowa Mom when someones says, "It looks so warm!" Well, if you call 50 degrees and sunshine warm, it's all good! Cooler weather seems to arrive earlier every year. Maybe it has more to do with my age than anything- the older I get, the less my body enjoys the cold.

October brings a new scene every single day in Iowa. In a couple days this whole soybean field will be bare. The grain will be stored and the soil will wait for next year's crop. It is true, I do take a view like this for granted, every single day.

And the temps are currently in the 40's and the local weatherman casually states, "And a cool down is on the way!" I'm thinking- WHAT? This is waaayyy too early for this.

So, the lesson here is that I need to dig out all of my wool socks, long underwear, sweaters, and anything else that I need to keep warm. And it was packed away June 15th, almost four months ago, but not quite.

Do you accept change well? I hear people say, "I would miss the change of seasons". But, you know what? I would not miss the temperatures that accompany the change, but I may miss the views that each season offers. So, for now, I will enjoy what's around me and bundle up! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Its cold as bejeebers here and all the soybean fields I have seen are down now. Its gotten down to freezing but not a hard freeze.
    Would I miss the change in seasons? Ummmm no. I hate being cold!

  2. I'm with you.. give me the heat of summer!


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