Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our Kids Are Using Social Media As a Plea For Help- Why Are We Not Answering Them?

OK~ I'm shaking my head again tonight. I'm reading the details about another school shooting and how there were signs on social media that this teen had issues. When are we going to wake up and realize that we have a HUGE problem on our hands? The problem being, our teens reach out for help through social media and everyone ignores it.

I will not glorify this young man and share his social media channels, but I can tell you that they are disturbing. It seems that this same type of thing happens time and time again. After the "bad" thing happens 9 times out of 10, it is reported that their were signs on social media that things were not going well.

Now I'm not going to point fingers in this particular case, but make a general statement. Where are the parents when it comes to social media and their kids? If parents would simply track where their kids go online, things like this would have less of a chance of happening. Sure, teens argue that it is an invasion of privacy. Really? Who is responsible for their actions until they are 18 and who is paying the phone bill?

There are easy ways to track where kids go online. U.S. Cellular offers a parent/child protection agreement, and I know other cell phone companies do the same. Another fantastic resource is WebSafety. I often hear parents say that these protection plans are too expensive. My answer to that is, "You give them a $700 computer and you are not going to protect them for maybe $10 a month?" Go figure, this Mom doesn't get it.

WebSafety is a new app that will give your family security. From monitoring porn that your children view online to all photos that are uploaded to your children's social media accounts, this app has it all!

I know for a fact that teens are swaying away from Facebook because Moms and Dads are there. Just recently I spoke to a high school business class on being an entrepreneur and using social media. These students said they had Facebook accounts but did not use it because Mom and Dad were there. They prefer to use Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat because Mom and Dad are not there. Do you see where this is going?

Our kids are smart! Let's ban together and protect our kids. When we, as adults, see something in question with a teen online, such as Twitter. We need to be involved as soon as possible. It's a fact, too many of our kids are dying from events that could have been prevented if someone was monitoring their social media accounts.

So, I challenge you! Will you get involved to help a young person when you see something questionable through social media? I hope you will do what is right and step up to help our teens! This Mom is working hard to educate folks locally and I can tell you that it is difficult. Families do not want to admit that their communities have these problems. Go out in your community and be the change - your kids and community will thank you! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Great post Sara! I am happy that my kids aren't old enough yet to be on social media because I have to admit, it is a scary thing. But, once my kids are old enough, I'll be watching. My parents did a nice job I feel of understanding and keeping an eye on me, while still giving me freedom. I think it is a delicate balance and too many parents become ignorant of what their kids are doing.

    1. It is a delicate balance and social media brings on a whole new set of challenges!

  2. Fabulous post, Sara. It is scary to think about how so many kids are basically left alone and unmonitored while using technology and what they can get into. I agree with Val that it is definitely a delicate balance but as long as you are an active parent I think that is the most important thing!!! Thanks for a great post!!! Definitely sharing.

  3. Being an offline parent matters first and then it's important to be that online parent.

  4. Love this! My daughter is on social media. She has an instagram account that she reviews with me. I personally believe it is just as important that I teach her how to use the tools as it is for me to protect her from the abusers. This weekend, she posted a photo of her friend and herself at a movie with my mom. A third friend left over 9 comments to my daughter about how hurtful that post was and how she should think before she posted. My daughter did not engage in this, but I am at a loss. The post was innocent. My daughter did think about what she posted. Last weekend my mom had taken out my daughter and this friend who was clearly upset. Curious... and honestly, at this point the drama is dead and just 13 year old drama, but I think I should call this gals mom. Any thoughts to be that? If my daughter acted that insecure and that dramatic, I'd surely hope one of her friend's parents would call and make me aware. Of course, they won't have to call... I saw it first. But still. Thoughts?

  5. As a parent I would want to know. When parents work together problems can often be helped. I'm perplexed, what was the issue of your daughter going to a movie with your Mom and a friend? Does her friend think she needs to be included in everything your daughter does? It sounds like a heart to heart discussion is in order here. It's important for all kids to be able to do things with other people - shaking my head on this one, sorry! Good luck!

  6. The word for the day is PARENTS. Do our job. Period.
    If they have any account, monitor it. If they create another account without your permission, take the device away. It meaans they cant handle it, and frankly neither as a parent can you.
    You hit the nail on the head up there- until they are 18, it is a parents responsibility to create a safe environment. You wouldnt let them wander a bad neighborhood in the middle of the night would you? Not everyone is nice, nor are they what they seem.
    There is no delicate balance here. Quit being a friend and start being a parent.


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