Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas By The Lake: Clear Lake, Iowa

OK~ There's something to be said about a Christmas Parade in Iowa when it's 30 degrees outdoors, it's kind of nice! We attended the Christmas Parade in Clear Lake, Iowa this past weekend and the weather was fabulous. In case you don't know. Clear Lake, Iowa is home to, what has been ranked, as THE BEST place in the MidWest to be for a Christmas Celebration! And let me tell you, it's the people that make this event rock! This is at the back of the parade and everyone is heading to the lakefront for the HUGE fireworks display.

The activities over the weekend are phenomenal. There is literally something for all family members all weekend long. From craft activities for kids to decorated Christmas d├ęcor for the holidays, this celebration in Clear Lake, Iowa has you covered! And who doesn't enjoy a visit with Santa? Check out Santa's home in Clear Lake, Iowa.

And to top off the weekend the Polar Bear Swim takes place. And you know what that means? People of all ages jump into the frigid waters of Clear Lake to raise money for such organizations as Make a Wish. The highlight of this event is often the mad rush to the hot tubs that have been strategically placed nearby.

The Christmas Parade takes off at 5 p.m. and is followed by a spectacular fireworks show over the frozen lake.

And if you were positioned just right throughout the day you found yourself chasing 6 geese around and maybe being surrounded by a wonderful group of Christmas Carolers.

The charm of Clear Lake and the people make this event one of Iowa's premiere events all year long. The best part this year was the warmer temps as I can recall attending this parade in below zero temps when our boys were younger. So, tell me. Does your community have a Christmas Celebration and if they do, how do all of you celebrate? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I didnt even know Clear Lake did this and here I am in Iowa ! Yeah Cedar Falls has a verry small one where Santa arrives but its just down a few blocks and thats about it. 30 degrees is pretty warm and I bet it was really nice. I had heard they did the Polar plunge there -umm no thanks and I am used to the cold!

  2. You should plan to attend this next year. It as won awards and is the best in the Midwest when it comes to Christmas celebrations. And of course, Clear Lake, rocks the 4th of July too!

  3. Their fireworks are so fun in the winter. It's like the 4th of July in December. :) I'm so sad that I missed it this year, but will be there for sure next year!


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