Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Coming Home For Thanksgiving

OK~ There's something to be said about coming home for Thanksgiving. Our boys are young adult men and this was the first year that we found ourselves saying, "Should we buy that? The boys will be home". There are certain items that we just never keep in the cupboards anymore and we found ourselves tossing things into the cart that we knew they enjoyed. Has this ever happened to you?

As our boys hung out this Thanksgiving I began to think about how quickly life seems to pass us by. It seems like yesterday we were hurrying to this Grandma's house and that Grandma's house for Thanksgiving and now that they are grown, we quite often stay home and it's just the four of us. It's quiet and simple. Do I miss the days of running everywhere? No..... But what I miss are the simple times of gathering everyone together. Life is so chaotic now that it's hard to find a day where everyone from the extended family can get together, do you find that in your family too? It's much easier planning for four people, as opposed to twenty.

We spent a portion of our time strolling our downtown. Our downtown is all decorated for Christmas and it is a safe, welcoming place to be.

I also consider myself to be challenged when it comes to cooking. I am not a star cook and will never be. But you know what? There are certain dishes that my boys grew up eating and it's kind of fun to see them still gobble that food down. That got me thinking. How often does a 20 something that lives on their own eat a home cooked meal?

There's a lot to be said about just plain old being together on Thanksgiving. A turkey and family togetherness goes a long ways when it comes to a holiday. And the noise and chaos may return someday when little kids appear again in our immediate family, which will be just fine. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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