Thursday, December 18, 2014

Omaha Steaks Offers a Tasty Holiday Meal And Great Gifts For Anyone On Your List

Disclosure: Omaha Steaks has provided me with the following product for a review on my blog. I was not paid for this article. All opinions of Omaha Steaks & the products are my own.

OK~ I will admit it I had never had an Omaha Steak up until a couple days ago and let me tell you, these steaks are awesome! Do you still need to get a last minute gift for someone on your list? Several amazing, tasty gifts are available through Omaha Steaks that are guaranteed to make someone's holiday a little extra special. And it's important to note, that Omaha Steaks offers much more than just steaks.

Our family recently dined on 5 oz. Triple Trimmed® Filet Mignons accompanied with stuffed baked potatoes and green beans. It's important to note, that if you are not 100% satisfied with your Omaha steaks, the good folks over at Omaha Steaks will replace or refund your order.

This 5 oz. Triple Trimmed® Filet Mignon was absolutely amazing! We tend to bake our steaks with a copy cat recipe of a local steakhouse from Debbie's Midwestern Kitchen. The recipe consists of butter and some amazing seasonings, check it out here! We have been buying our filets from a local meat shop, which have been very good. I must tell you that Omaha Steaks really surprised my whole family, as there was even a muttering of, "These steaks are very tender." I knew at that point that the rest of my family felt the same way I did about these Omaha steaks, they were amazing!

We have gotten into the habit of growing a lot more fresh vegetables in our garden the past couple years and we do still have potatoes, so these stuffed baked potatoes were a nice surprise. One of my boys, that does not like baked potatoes, ate every last bit of this one! That to me, says that these stuffed baked potatoes rocked!

The green beans were seriously as good as garden, fresh green beans.

These green beans were very colorful, which is a "must" in my book and they were crunchy, not mushy! They were just as though they had been freshly harvested. These filets, stuffed baked potatoes and green beans made an amazing meal. These three items combined would be a fantastic Christmas dinner or any other special family meal.

The Party Pack makes an ideal gift for your friends at the office. Check out this spread!

You’ll be ready to serve up a festive celebration with crunchy, easy-to-prepare Coconut Shrimp, which go perfectly with our Apricot Mango Wasabi Sauce. Round out your appetizer table with Omaha Steaks All Beef Meatballs and the Chef’s Sampler featuring flavorful Salame Toscano, Salame Sopressata and Italian Dry Salame.
  • This one package is perfect for a party; add some cheese, fruit, beverages and you’re ready to go!
  • You can serve the shrimp for dinner, take the meatballs to the office and wrap up the salames as a hostess gift.
  • The Apricot Mango Wasabi Sauce blends the sweetness of apricots and mango with the kick of wasabi. You can use it for a dipping sauce for shrimp or egg rolls, or the base for stir fry. Also pairs well with pork chops, mahi mahi and chicken.
There is no reason for anyone to have a boring dinner this holiday season when Omaha Steaks are available. From your family dinner to the office gifts, Omaha Steaks has you covered. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share this product with all of you, as it is one meal that my family cannot wait to dine on again! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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