Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The inTANDEM Workspace in Webster City Offers Solutions For Businesses

OK~ The North Iowa Bloggers and I recently spent one whole day exploring Webster City, Iowa. While in town we visited several local shops and even met the Mayor of Webster City. One of the highlights of my day was learning about the inTANDEM Workspace that is located at 501 Bank Street.

Due to the fact that I own a business and work out of my home, I was intrigued by this concept. The inTANDEM Workspace is designed to serve a community of like- minded professionals, who want a different kind of place to work. So, you are now asking, "What does that mean?" Well, the inTANDEM Workspace is a place where like minded individuals gather. If your business is a start up and looking to meet people in the community, this is your space! If you work from home and need an occasional place to gather and meet clients, this is your space! How cool is that? I absolutely loved this concept.

I have been to offices that offer meeting rooms, but I have never been greeted by such a fun, welcoming environment. The bright, bold colors did it for me. It's no secret that here in Iowa in the Winter we can go long periods of time without much sun. This type of workspace would be ideal for someone that needs to be surrounded with enthusiasm and energy, which would be me.

Thank you to Amy of Modern Rural Living for sharing this photo

There are dedicated and mobile member spaces available, as well as daily passes, which are available from 9 am-5 pm (Monday-Friday) to use the workspace, free high speed wireless internet, and coffee. And the best part of this setting, is that other people are around. Who doesn't love an opportunity to network? If you have any questions, give Darcy a call at 515-835-0437, she will be glad to help you and figure out how inTANDEM Workspace can work for you.

Does your community have a workspace like this? If so, have you used it and what are the benefits for you? I'm thinking this is the way many entrepreneurs will be working, as they look for new ways to meet people. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

*Thank you Deb Brown and Webster City for rollin out the red carpet, your hospitality was top notch.

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