Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Is Really Here- Tips To Be Safe While Out And About

OK~ Winter has arrived with a vengeance here in Iowa. It's cold and we have nice, white, fluffy snow! The view in my yard was like this as I headed to town to buy milk.

 I know, seriously? Who is seriously out of milk on a cold winter's day? ME- raising my hand high. I did notice an ice scraper on the floor in the back seat, so I did have one helpful item in the car.

As I ventured to town I began to think, you know what? I was not prepared for Winter driving. I did not have a shovel or blanket in my car. I have now gathered these items and tossed them into the trunk of my car.

  • Shovel
  • Blanket
  • Extra pair of gloves/mittens
  • A bag of kitty litter
  • Extra Winter hat
  • Couple bottles of water
  • A bag of chocolate (M & M's)
  • A box of granola bars
  • Wool socks
I already had a tire pump and jumper cables in the trunk, so I was set in that department. But, you know, if you do get stuck in conditions such as today- below zero wind chills can be deadly. 

It's also a good idea to leave home with a fully charged cell phone and make sure you have a charger in your car. In good weather, these are things we don't often think about. But, being able to make that "one" call can be the difference between frost bitten toes or not.

Before this cold hit, I made sure to fill up my gas tank. It's important in cold weather to really keep an eye on that 1/2 way mark. And if your gas gauge is like mine, it always seems that the last 1/2 goes quicker than the first 1/2. I also installed new windshield wiper blades in September, as I knew the pair I had were not going to make it through Winter driving conditions.

So... tell me, what's in your Winter survival car care kit in your car? After All, Its All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Thanks for the tips! This made me note that I really need to put some warm slippers, socks, or boots in my car!!

  2. Haha! Love the M & Ms tip! They can turn any bad day into a good day! :)

  3. I'm afraid the M&M's would not last long, even parked in the garage. If I knew they were in the car..I'd eat them!

    1. That is a problem- I LOVE my chocolate!


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