Sunday, February 22, 2015

Change Is Happening In North Iowa- Let's Embrace It

OK~ Change happens every single day. Do I always like change? Nope! But, do I try to embrace it? I sure do. It's not always the easiest thing to do, but I can tell you that when you can accept change things in your life, things get a lot easier.

Within my local community there are several changes taking place. Madison School, the school I attended through my K-6 years is in the process of being torn down. There were portions of the building that were in need of repair in the 1970's, so I'm not really surprised that it is coming down.

On the other side of the coin, there are many memories that I have tied to that building. Several of my classmates have stated publicly that it should not be taken down. I am thinking the strong feelings of saving this building are tied to the awesome teachers and classmates that we all had while attending this school. Change happens and we move on. I will admit, my stomach churned a little this morning when I saw pictures on social media of parts of the building in shambles. But you know what? I am moving on and I would encourage my classmates to do the same thing. By keeping our friendships alive, Madison school lives on! Mrs. Clifford was the one that we adored right? It wasn't the bricks, it was her personality and the traits that made Madison School special.

And then we have a mall in our town that is losing an anchor store, JC Penney. Now, think about it. In all reality, how many malls across the country are thriving? Sadly there aren't many.

We all shop online and we truly live in a different time. I'd love to think that JC Penney will live forever, but reality tells me it won't. I do believe that malls will continue to exist, but not in the traditional ways we think of them. For those malls that remain standing, I see them as community centers. I'd love to see a workspace with computers in an empty space in a local mall. There are many people that work from home that would love to venture out a couple days a week to work around like minded people.Think about that- wouldn't that be fun?

I love all that Iowa, specifically North Iowa, has to offer and my wish is that my neighbors will embrace the changes and make our little area a little better. Good things happen when good people embrace change. It takes people that are willing to step up and work alongside others.

My challenge to you, my friends, is to go out and be the positive face of change in your community. If you have always wanted to start a business or take on a new job, make it happen! It's up to you to move forward and accept the changes that come your way. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Well said, Sara. Change can be good and I think you and I can both share tons of examples of how change can be good, right? Great post and yes----things do change but it is so important to embrace it and share the positivity and not the negativity!

    1. Change seems to be the word for 2015- I'm embracing it! It seems to be the BEST option!

  2. Change can be incredibly difficult...especially when it's tied to emotions! I know that I struggle with the changes and the slow death of Southbridge Mall because that's where I 'learned" to shop with my mom! Again, so many memories and emotions! But, I also know that I'm making new memories with my parents and now also with my boys, so old must leave to make place for new! Positive is good! There is too much negative in the world!

    1. Isn't it interesting that Southbridge Mall has a future with the new downtown development. It ties into that malls will look different. Change can be hard, but it's often needed.


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