Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Laura of Cat Tales With Laura Offers Tips On Introducing A New Cat To Your Home

OK~ Cat enthusiasts will appreciate what Laura of CattaleswithLaura has to say when it comes to introducing a new cat to your home. Her tips are smart and straight to the point. We have always had several outdoor farm cats, as my cat allergies kick in when I am around a cat for too many hours. A special thank you to Laura for sharing her insight with all of you! Be sure to "like" Cat Tales With Laura Facebook page for the day to day happenings with Laura and her cats!
I put the new cat in quarantine for a week or more. I watch and observe the cat for sickness. I take the cat to my vet for distemper, rabies and feline leukemia shots and de-worming.The new cat is placed in my bathroom or in a large cage with water, food and cat litter. The other cats can sniff at the newcomer  through the door. They will slowly get used to each others scent and meow this way. I let the new cat out only when I am home, that way I can break up any disagreements.
I give all of my cats treats at this time. Each cat gets the same amount of treats. Cats know if they are being treated equally very quickly.
When I am satisfied everyone is getting along fine I let the newcomer free. I have not experienced any problems using this method.
Spend a lot of time with your new cat away from your other cats. Pat your new cat on the head and talk gently to him as this will reassure him that he will not be harmed. Have toys available for him to play with as this will also calm him.
Bring all of your cats into a room patting them all equally on the head for an equal amount of time. Play a radio with soft music on or have a clock ticking softly in the background. Cats like gentle calming sounds.
Have a nice warm cat bed available for the new cat. The new bed can be a hide away spot for him to get away from your other cats if he gets nervous now and then.
Have a variety of toys available for everyone to interact together with. They can take turns batting a mouse around in a circle cat toy.
All of your cats should be content with each others company now.
So... tell me, have you introduced a new cat into your home? Was the experience a good one? I'd love to hear about it! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Great ideas! I have had a brother and sister for the past 7 years so they get along fine but I can see how all of these tips would come in handy if that was not the case! Thanks!


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