Tuesday, March 17, 2015

North Iowa Bloggers #PizzaTasteOff2015

OK~ So the North Iowa Bloggers had an Epic Pizza Tasting Get Together! The event was tagged the #NorthIowaBloggers #PizzaTasteOff2015, which of course equals EPIC! Anytime the North Iowa Bloggers get together the event is epic. Remember the Lay's Potato Chip get together and the awesome Oreo tasting?  It is fair to say that the North Iowa Bloggers have introduced people to flavors of Oreos that many did not know existed. So, the epic #PizzaTasteOff2015 was, of course, a huge success!

Full Disclosure: Caseys, Kum & Go, Godfather's (Mason City) donated pizzas for this epic event. The Udi's Gluten Free Margherita Pizza and pizza from Pasta Bella in Mason City were purchased by the bloggers of the group.

So... we had the following to choose from! Now be thinking- what do you think your favorite would be? And here's one table all lined up and ready to roll with the #PizzaTasteOff2015.

  • Kum and Go Breakfast Pizza
  • Kum and Go Taco Pizza
  • Kum and Go Sausage, Mushroom, Onion and Black Olive Pizza
  • Udi's Gluten Free Margherita Pizza
  • Godfather's Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Pizza
  • Godfather's Combo Pizza
  • Casey's Hamburger Pizza
  • Casey's Cheese Pizza
  • Pasta Bella Margherita Pizza
I had no idea that Kum and Go served Breakfast Pizza and I must tell you, it was really good! With so many awesome pizzas to choose from, we all had to put our taste buds to work. And you know, when bloggers gather there's also a whole lot of tweeting taking place.

Our evening was filled with fun and laughter and of course pizza. We were missing Amy, as she always brought additional life to the party! I could not help but try to remember that she was there in spirit with us. After all, Donna is getting pretty good at using her selfie stick, don't you think?

Photo courtesy of: Donna Hup of DonnaHup.Com

Donna has done a fabulous job at embracing the selfie stick, as Amy was our selfie stick person up until we said our final good-byes. 

And the winner was.......... Pasta Bella's Margherita Pizza! This was my #1 choice so I was rather delighted that the whole group chose this pizza. I am not a fan of thick crust pizzas and Pasta Bella offers a nice thin crust. The sauce on Pasta Bella's pizza is a little sweet, but not too sweet, it's just right!

In case you are curious, this is how we voted at this particular tasting event! We may love our social media, but we also love paper and stickers.

And that's a wrap! The #NorthIowaBloggers #PizzaTasteOff2015 was a huge success. Curious as to what happened during our actual gathering? Hop on over to Twitter and search #PizzaTasteOff2015!
Here's a screenshot of a super small sampling of the tweets from the evening.

Do you have a favorite pizza in North Iowa? If so, I'd love to hear about it. With so many more pizza choices, it looks like the North Iowa Bloggers may have to have Round #2 of the #PizzaTasteOff2015. A special thank you to Beth Ann of It's Just Life for hosting! 


  1. Thanks for coming and adding your voice to our Taste Off!!! I am trying to come up with what our next one will be!

    1. There are other local pizza shops interested! Thanks so much for hosting Beth Ann!

  2. We thought of several at home that we missed, so we'll definitely have to do another EPIC taste test! :-) So glad we could all be together!

    1. Lots of great choices in North Iowa!

  3. This was such a great night. I can't wait for part 2 ;)


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