Friday, March 27, 2015

Wi-Fi On A School Bus, Really?

OK~ It's no secret that I am a lover of technology. I love the fact that we have a generation of kids that have an opportunity to connect in ways we have never connected. What I don't like is the fact that we, as a society, are failing our kids when it comes to technology.

I would love to know why our schools are not focusing on educating our kids on how to use these devices from an educational point of view? I shake my head when a ten year old says, "My teacher didn't care that we were on our phones." Problem #1 is the fact that a ten year old does not need a smart phone in the class room unless it is being used for a classroom assignment.

And then I read an article on how school districts in Iowa are considering installing wi-fi on school buses. What on earth? Here in Iowa we continually cut staff, cut programs and yet we consider wi-fi for school buses. I am perplexed and I seriously wonder where our priorities are. Something tells me there won't be an adult on the bus to supervise these kids while they surf the world wide web.

I love technology and I love the fact that our kids have an opportunity to use these devices. My friend Stacey Honowitz is a twenty-two year veteran of the Florida State Attorney's Office, with seventeen years dedicated to the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit where is currently serving as a supervisor will be the first to tell you that parents and teachers need to be in the know. Children's sex crimes are the fastest growing crimes in America and we want to turn our kids lose with wi-fi on a school bus- seriously? And she will be the first to ask you, " Do you really need to post that photo?"

One may argue that many kids do ride the school bus for long periods of time. To the best of my knowledge there are state laws that need to be followed and maybe need to be re-evaluated. Using a $650 mini-computer, as a babysitter, for kids to have access to the world wide web on the school bus is not the answer. It could be argued that kids will be there anyway, maybe through the parent's cell phone provider.

I have a feeling that the three families that I recently dealt with in regards to vine and snapchat will be on the same page I am. I would love for one parent to show me how their child is using vine in a responsible manner, as I had a hard time finding anything good when I had to sift through these accounts for parents. And these parents wait to see where the inappropriate videos will show up on the world wide web.

We have a crisis on our hands when it comes to our kids using social media. Parents need to step up their game and be on the social media platforms their kids are using. A lot of parents will tell me, "I am on Facebook." I think to myself, So! Your kids are probably not, because you are.

For now I will wait and seriously hope our local school districts in Iowa will really dig deep to see how important wi-fi is on a school bus. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Kids are on facebook but many times under a whole different name. I reaally do wish parents would garb a clue and just say NO. It wont kill yoir kids to hear the word, and youre rigt, most have no clue what teir kids are doing. If you demand passwords by golly youre invading the kids privavcy.......... I hate to break it to parents, but kids especially young ones arent old enough to have that kind of privavcy they dont have the maturity. Thats why they have parents.
    They really do not NEED the net on their phones- unless of course you are comfortable letting a 10 year old wander the world.
    People are nuts.

  2. I'm amazed at how many schools don't care kids are on their phones. In high school I could have gotten my phone taken away if they knew I even brought it. Things have definitely changed.

    1. I think phones in the classroom would be wonderful if the teachers were using them for a class lesson, but from what I am hearing, they are not.

  3. I am shocked as well that this is something that is even getting any consideration. I don't see what the benefits would be at all so I would love to hear a conversation from the proponents as to what the thoughts are about offering this. We are all bombarded with social media options all the time and sometimes we all just need to step away. I think this sis one of those cases.

    1. Makes no sense. We can't find funds to pay teachers (which generate face to face conversation) and this in my opinion, is wasted discussion time.

  4. Yes, parents need to stop using phones as babysitters. Kids are getting younger all the time. We are raising a generation of kids that don't know how to have eye contact when they speak to someone.


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