Monday, April 20, 2015

Earth Day Really Needs To be 365 Days of The Year

OK~ Here we go again! Everywhere I turn this week someone or something is talking about Earth Day. Seriously, why does it take a day to remind people to pick up after themselves? I have never understood the theory behind littering. I can recall when my siblings and I were 8. 9, and 10. We were at a Trade Show and between the three of us, we accidentally spilled our popcorn. The three of us bent over to pick it all up and toss it in the trash can. I can still remember this, just like it was yesterday. A lady working at a booth nearby came over to my Mom and said, "We have never seen anyone pick up popcorn that they accidentally spilled. Thank you for raising kids that care." At the time, I honestly thought nothing of it.

Fast forward 38 years, and I think, "Wow!" I look around and see trash everywhere. Do people really not care? It seems like such a natural thing, if you accidentally spill something, you pick it up. Makes me shake my head at times. Our Earth looks so clean from above, yet so deceiving.

Here in Iowa, I often think we take clean air for granted. We do have wide open spaces and a state that many love to call home.

I think Earth Day is a great day to celebrate, but I still have reservations about celebrating something as simple as Earthy Day for one day out of the year. If everyone took responsibility and did their part, we would all be better off. You and I both know, if a community is clean, folks are more apt to take pride in their property and pick up after themselves. Seems so simple, but yet it's so hard for so many.

Now, am I perfect? No. Just the other day I opened my car door and the wind whipped a piece of paper off of my dashboard and before I knew it, this piece of paper was out in the middle of traffic and attached to the bottom of a car. My point being, if we all cared, wouldn't our earth be a little better off? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. We were always trained, like you, to not be litterbugs. It drives me nuts to see people just tossing stuff out their car windows. If I ever have road rage it is when I see that happen. We all need to take better care of our earth. Earth Day or not!

  2. I just wish we could spread out some of the ads and reminders for folks that don't get it.


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