Friday, April 10, 2015

National Siblings Day- Could We Do This Today?

OK~ It's National Siblings Day today and I am blessed to have a brother and sister in my life. We've always gotten along really well. Would you know it by this photo?

Yes, that is me with the garden hose. My sister has a kettle on the top of the car and my brother is trying to get out of the way! I got to looking at this photo and you know what? I honestly don't think kids could do this in the world we live in today. As you can tell, this was obviously at our home in the country and there were no neighbors nearby. If you saw this in your neighborhood, what would you think?

From the outlandish news stories I have read over the past year, I do believe my Mother may have been arrested if this were to happen today. Someone would call the police to report these three kids were unsafe and it would become a long, drawn out saga. It's rather obvious, one of our parents was nearby, as this photo exists.

Why have we as a society let it get so out of control that parents are not allowed to parent? Parents should be able to determine how they want their kids to enjoy life and have fun. I can also tell you that while letting a Cub Scout skip rocks across a stream 10 years ago, he commented  to me, "My Mom says I can't do this because someone will think I am a bad kid." I thought to myself, how sad is can't skip rocks across a stream?

I just wish we could let kids be kids. Maybe this is one reason our kids are so sucked into smart phones and don't want to be outdoors playing. No matter what a kid does outdoors, someone will see something "bad" in it and report it to authorities. Kids can be on a smart phone and nobody will immediately see what they are doing.

I would much rather see a child outdoors skipping rocks, playing in a playground, having fun with their siblings, as opposed to doing things secretly online where they won't be seen instantly. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this..... So, do you think my siblings and I could get by with this little car washing fun in today's world? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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