Saturday, April 4, 2015

Reminiscing About The Good Old Tech Days

OK~ I've been thinking about all of the changes we have had in regards to technology over the past several years. Our oldest son is 24 and when he was young, we had vcr tapes everywhere. Most kids of today would probably ask, "What are those?" Then go back to my childhood days- YIKES! The cassette tapes and 8 track tapes were a BIG thing. Technology continues to evolve and I often wonder where it will all stop.

The fact that we listen to music "online" without an actual record spinning in the room is mind boggling at times. I can also recall the day we had this thing called internet hooked up to our home computer way back in the early 1990's. Alta Vista was a regular term in our home at that time. I can recall our boys watching story books on our computer back in the early 90's. I believe they were books we purchased and they could view them online with interactive activities for them. Things are very different now with YouTube available 24/7.

There were very few companies online back then and I never imagined how the internet would change our lives, as it has. Fast forward to the year 2015 and we have smart phones. I can recall dragging around one of those "Bag phones" to keep in the car, just in case. Now we all run around with these hand held mini computers that we use almost 24/7, which keep us connected to the world wide web at all times.

Many kids of today have no clue what a rotary dial telephone looks like. I remember the avocado rotary dial telephone with the cord that reached across a couple rooms. And back then, in the 70's,  there was such a thing as a teen telephone line. Oh how I wanted one of those--- I never got one!

I am also assuming that answering machines have gone by the wayside, with so many folks making the move to cellular phones. I miss the days of being able to get outdoors and explore without having to worry about missing a phone call. When I was growing up, we did not have answering machines and people knew that they would have to call back at a later time. We now live in a society where we expect things instantly and I don't like that. If I want to spend time with my family and not be available to take a phone call that can wait- Hey, life is good! This idea that everyone should be available 24/7 drives me crazy.

Living in the country in Iowa does have its drawbacks as technology has changed. Rural America has kind of been left in the dust when it comes to access to the internet. Working from home can be a challenge for me, as I don't have high speed internet. Google Hangouts are almost impossible- I try them, but have to log in again and again.... Very frustrating. I keep hearing "talk" of how important high speed internet is... it's just talk and no action. But, despite this challenge I have been able to build a social media business. I have found ways to make it work- although I know I could get a lot more work done if I did have high speed internet. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

So... tell me! What changes have you seen in technology during your lifetime? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Believe it or not, I have used a rotary phone. Do you have a different internet carrier than those of us "in town"? I've seen myself change since I've gotten a smart phone. We really don't need to be available 24/7. Trying to work on stepping away more often. It's hard!

    1. Yes. Ours is through our local telephone carrier and it's not high speed.

  2. We had a rotary phone too and a few of my friends had teen lines and just like you, I wanted one so badly! I remember waiting for the dial up internet connection so you could get online and if you were connected, no phone calls could be received or sent! I also remember renting not only the VHS from the movie store, but also the VCR itself! I agree with Jeni that it's hard to step away from the phone and not be 100% connected, but I too am trying to adjust and step-back! On vacation in Colorado a couple years ago, we had NO service at our campground. At first it was hard to not be connected, but after a day or two it was very freeing! I have also noticed that we pick up our phones and check social media, etc. almost out of habit anymore!! We're not content to just SIT!

    1. Agree.. it's a habit! It's a great love/hate relationship for me.


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