Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring In Iowa Brings All Of The Following.......

OK~ Spring has finally sprung in Iowa and I am one happy camper. And yes, less than one week ago we did have snow. Snow in April is not unusual and it's not usually welcomed with open arms. I always look forward to the new growth that seems to appear everywhere. Our lilac bushes look promising this year, as do our apple trees. The buds are beginning to appear and will bring some added color to the landscape in a short period of time.

I finally saw more than one robin in one place. For whatever reason, those brown birds had been eluding me wherever possible. And then there's that feisty blue jay that camps out near our door all year long. I am thinking he had something to do with the robins staying away.

I am getting anxious to get digging in the garden. The notes are made, which include. Plant more potatoes. Plant more tomatoes. Plant more onions and green beans. All of the above are what we run out of in a relative quick period of time. Although, the last jar of salsa disappeared this past week. I had to venture to the store to purchase potatoes a month ago and the onions, well, they ran out a LONG time ago!

I look forward to the days where we can stay outside for a few moments to enjoy the quiet of the countryside. The winds have been blowing, and I know they will subside as we move from spring to summer. There's something to be said about standing in the middle of a gravel road and looking at the solitude all around.

The farmers will enter the fields soon. Spring planting looks a little different than years ago. Around us, there is a lot of no till, so we don't see tractors working the ground like years back. Top soil is precious and it's a great thing that our farmers realize how important it is to keep it around.

So.. tell me! What does spring look like in you area? I'm anxious for all of this new life to form and to see what spring/summer 2015 has to offer! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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