Friday, May 1, 2015

Parents Are Caught In The MIddle When It Comes To Parenting In Today's World

OK~ There's something to be said about kids riding the school bus and being respectful. I see story after story of kids that do not behave while riding the school bus. And then yesterday, I came across a news story that stated a bus driver in Quebec had told a girl to put away her book as it posed a threat to others. Seriously? I thought this was a joke. But then when people started talking about it on social media, I quickly learned that many school districts do not allow kids to read books while riding the school bus. And you ask why? A book poses a threat of injury to themselves or others.

I am now looking at a magazine that I plan to read this week while flying on an airplane. Will this pose as a threat too? What on earth is going on here? We want our kids to be the best they can be and to get the best education they possibly can, and then we tell them books are not appropriate on a school bus. I read a lot of books through the years while riding the school bus to and from school. I don't recall that myself or others were ever injured from an actual book. I do recall kids being injured from the fist of another student on the bus, which brings me to the point. Where does this stop? To the best of my knowledge, the fists of kids will always accompany a student on a school bus. With 77 students to monitor (some less, some more) a bus driver has his hands full. A book in hand sounds like a reasonable way to keep kids occupied.

Parents are seriously caught in the middle of all of this chaos. They don't dare let their kids walk 100 feet from them or they fear a police officer will intervene. When my boys were younger, I would often give them money to order their own food at a fast food restaurant. I would step back and let them go ahead to order. This taught them how to talk to other people and exchange money in a store setting. They also quickly learned to speak up for a "special order" or how to engage in a positive way, if the order was incorrect.  Looking back at this, in today's world, someone would have probably called the police on my boys as their Mom was not right next to them.

I am all about technology in the classroom, but I fear that this no book rule on the school bus will lead to more cyberbullying and issues in general on the school bus. Does your school district have a rule about kids reading actual books on the school bus? If so, I'd love to hear about it. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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