Sunday, July 12, 2015

What To Do On A Day With Nothing On The Calendar

OK~  It's been a long time that we have not had anything on the calendar. We recently took advantage of it and spent some quality time together. We had some catch up things to do around the house and yard. You know, those storms that have roared through and left a few branches around? Yes, we finally picked those branches up.

I began to think about how our lives all revolve around our calendars. It is true, I am in charge of my calendar, but it always has something on it. I had no problem making sure I had a day with nothing on it. This forced my hubby and I to go to lunch together, buy a new grill, and even grill supper together.

We both actually found time to sit in a chair outdoors and read. I know, I know, sounds lazy, doesn't it?

Actually, after being so busy and finding ourselves going in a gazillion directions, this was a mental break that we both needed. We enjoyed sitting next to each other in chairs and reading. A little solitude goes a long way.

We took a stroll down the road- nothing wrong with that!

The corn is tall and the road a little dusty, but it's always nice to walk with a wide open sky all around. When it feels like 102 degrees, you can hear the Iowa corn grow!

When is the last time you went for a stroll and had no time commitment? After our day was all said and done, the beauty of it was all of this:

  • Hubby assembled our new charcoal grill (fourth grill in 28+ years)
  • We ate supper at 8:00 p.m.
  • We spent an hour reading
  • We spent 45 minutes strolling down a dirt road
One may argue that we wasted a beautiful Summer day in Iowa. There were a lot of festivals around in our area, but all in all, our day was spent enjoying the great outdoors in our own yard. We both enjoy participating in local events, but in the grand scheme of things, spending time at home together, means more to me than venturing around the community. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. You totally did NOT waste the day. I think we all need those days now and then which is exactly why I took a road trip to Medford yesterday to do something just for me. The bonus was I added on a little side trip to Faribault to say goodbye to a blogger friend before I moved so that was another good thing. I had nothing scheduled but made my own fun for the day. I think you and the hubby did the best thing ever!

    1. Note: Need to make sure these types of days happen more often. It felt good to feel like I was actually in control of nothing!

  2. Relaxing is not wasting your day. I know it's often needed and I try to take a minimum of one day a week.

  3. I'm with the other ladies! Relaxing is not a waste of a day! We did that a few weekends ago and it was fantastic! We need those days to take care of our selves, our mind, and our soul! Sounds like a great day!


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