Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wide Open Spaces In Iowa

OK~ There's a lot to be said about living in Iowa. It's relatively quiet and there is a lot of open space. Just the other night, we were walking down our road and I began to think of how lucky we were. We can travel to crazy, busy cities and we can come home to unwind in this atmosphere.

This shows our freshly mowed grass, and as you can tell, it had not been tossed around much with the gravel. On a busy day, we often have five cars that travel by our house. I began to think of what a view this is! You know, it's honestly a view that I take for granted day in and day out.

The corn is tall and the soybean fields are really, really green.

Here in Iowa we are truly blessed with wide open spaces! Do you have wide open views where you live or do you have to struggle to find one? It's really all about perspective. Iowa is a relatively quiet place to live and it is all about what you make of it. 

So... tell me! What do you enjoy most about wide open spaces and do you have them in your backyard? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I miss the wide open spaces. We're getting used to living in a more densely populated area again. Our little blog is quiet, but I think we'd have to drive a bit to see fields again. It's a challenge to park here. Not sure if I prefer train crossings or rush hour;)

    1. And Mason City does have a LOT of train crossings.... *sigh*- I know you will find your new wide open spaces in Missouri!


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