Sunday, August 30, 2015

August To September Brings Changes

OK~ There's something to be said about going from August to September. Once the calendar actually says September, I always have to think, "Really, where did summer go?" We still technically have a few weeks of summer, but the days are getting shorter, which I am not a fan of and the night time temps are often cooler.

The new school year has been underway in a few communities around us, but it's this week when everyone hits the books for the new school year. The streets are less busy during the day when the school year is in session. Come 3 p.m., the streets get busier and families are out and about.

September also means that colorful leaves are to come. If there's one good thing I can say about September is that the trees are colorful. The red, bronze, orange and yellow leaves do make Fall a little more appealing. Our apples are almost ripe and I'm ready to make up some fresh apple crisp. Last year we had a record apple crop, which is maybe why we have a much smaller crop this year.

I am not a master gardener, therefore; apples are somewhat easy to grow, as we have always had at least one apple. It's all up to Mother Nature to work her magic. Tip: When you plant an apple tree, make note what type of apple it is. We did not do this eleven years ago, so our apples are what we "think" they are.

This week will be a season of new beginnings for our older son, as he moves into a different apartment complex. We are excited for him as he begins a new adventure with his beloved cat, Mrs. Claws. From a few boxes to saying goodbye to a place he's so ready to move out of - Can you say the word ROACH? Yep, he's had to deal with them the past couple years and it has not been pretty. So.... cheers to him and his new place.

September 1st will be exciting for our family as he moves into his new place and the rest of us continue with preparing things for cooler weather. I'm so not ready for what follows Fall, but I guess it's coming and I will have to embrace it. And what follows is why I love to travel in the Winter!

The occasional ride in the combine will be fun, as it's always a highlight of Fall. There's nothing like the sight of a crop coming out of an Iowa field and a combine ride with Dad. The Iowa corn crop is coming right along.

 After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

So... tell me- what do you enjoy most about the August to September transition?


  1. The new apartment sounds like a great move and hopefully no more roaches. Ugh. The August to September transition always brings memories of school supplies and getting the boys all set for the new year. Of course I don't have to do that anymore but I still get excited when I see all the supplies in stores because I love office supplies . Weird maybe but they make me happy. :-)

  2. I actually stock up on those office supplies this time of year- it saves me a LOT of $$$!


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