Sunday, August 16, 2015

If This Photo Could Talk: A Retired Iowa Farmer and The Mountains Speak

OK~ I have been on the road traveling quite a bit the first part of this month and several times it occurred to me, what if pictures could talk? Being a blogger, I tend to run around with a phone or camera taking a lot of pictures. It was fun to see that my Dad had been taking note and really stepped up his game of focusing in on different things when it came to photos.

So, this photo got me thinking, as it really says a lot. My thoughts go like this........

The mountains are saying, "I am vast and am bigger than you!"

My Dad looks to be saying, "Wow- let's get a photo of this!"

And then there is all that green grass down in the valley. What do you think that is saying? I'm thinking that it wants to say to the mountains, "Protect me!"

There's something to be said about standing near the mountains and taking all of this in. Here in Iowa we have cornfields and lots of green this time of year. The mountains offer such a nice variety of color. I can see lots of shades of blues, greens, and white. Those white puffy clouds add a lot to the mystique of the mountains, don't you think?

What impresses me the most about this photo is the fact that my Dad appears to be really focusing in on what he is taking a photo of. Do you think the fact that his daughter is a blogger makes him think about the outcome of his photo? He has watched me take a lot of photos through the years and it was exciting to see him look like he was embracing photography. Not bad for a retired Iowa farmer, huh? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I loved this picture when I saw you had posted it. I think it is such a wonderful thing to see your dad doing something that you do every single day. :-)

    1. I actually caught him taking a close up of a flower on our short little hike to the wedding ceremony in the mountains!

  2. I think it is neat that your Dad has found a new hobby of photography. Photos are a great way to remember memories!

    1. Now we need to get him a new camera for his birthday- good thing it's coming up soon!


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