Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#SPONSORED: The #MixifyTour Was A Huge Hit At The 2015 Iowa State Fair

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OK~ Last week several teens gathered at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa and participated in the Mixify Tour. This tour offered fun activities, demonstrations, tips and tools, music and giveaway. And what teen would not enjoy an event like this, right? The purpose of this tour is to educate teens  about the importance of balancing what they eat and drink, while incorporating it into their daily activities.

In case you are wondering what the Mixify Tour is all about, check this out!


The Mixify truck rode in the Iowa State Fair Parade on Wednesday evening and was parked near the Jacobson Exhibition Center for the full Mixify truck experience on Thursday and Saturday. On Friday, the truck moved to the Grand Concourse directly next to the soap box in the center of action, Teen You Tube celebrity Dylan Dauzat was also on site encouraging teens to think about balancing "eat, drink, and do."

Photo Courtesy of: Mixify Tour

It's no secret that Iowa parents and teens are busier than ever before and finding balance, especially when it comes to diet and exercise, can be very challenging.

"Iowa parents and their teens are busier than ever before, and finding balance- especially when it comes to diet and exercise- can be a challenge. That's why we're proud to step up and do our part to help support them in a new and unique way with this groundbreaking joint effort from America''s leading beverage companies," said Iowa native Susan Neely, American Beverage Association (ABA) president and CEO. "Mixify encourages teens to be thoughtful about the calories they're consuming- including from beverages- and to be active. We know moms work to achieve this for their families every day and we're taking this message on the road as one way to provide support for their efforts. As an Iowa native, I'm especially proud to culminate our summer tour by bringing our message of balancing what you eat, drink and do to my home state's State Fair to reach thousands of Iowa's teens."

The Iowa State Fair is truly the best, in my opinion, State Fair in the country. I happened to personally visit today and let me tell you- the food was amazing! I think I could eat my way around the Iowa State Fair for a whole week and then some. With a tour like Mixify at the Iowa State Fair, teens and families learned a little more about balancing all of the good foods and drinks we all run into day in and day out.

Photo Courtesy of: Mixify Tour

The 25 foot re-purposed food truck that Mixify turned into a traveling balance billboard is sure to have made a positive impact on teens and families at the Iowa State Fair. Through eating, drinking, fitness, music and social media, teens left the Iowa State Fair a little more balanced. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

For additional information about Mixify or the Mixify tour, visit www.mymixify.com.

Mixify is also part of the Balance Calories Initiative: More information can be found at deliveringchoices.org. 

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