Friday, October 23, 2015

Ahhhh.... A Simple Life, Does It Still Exist?

OK~ Having spent quite a bit of time traveling the highways and by-ways in the United States the past few months, I have to say, Wow! How do so many of you keep your car on the road with all of the texting and driving that I have witnessed? The super, scary part of this is that there are quite often kids in the car. Do people forget that kids are like sponges?

We live in a society where we are all expected to be available 24/7. I find that annoying, does anyone else? My phone is not my life, my life is all about talking to people and exploring new places. If I never put my phone down, I would have nothing to write about. Sometimes it's all about the place and the moment. Iowa offers a little quiet now and then, you agree?

I remember the day when it was super cool to have an answering machine in your house. I also remember the day when answering machines did not exist and you had to call someone later. And the best thing about this was the fact that nobody got all excited because someone wasn't answering their phone. It was acceptable that people were busy living their lives. Do you find it hard to put your phone down? You know, I get caught once in a while. I sometimes get excited about posting something to social media and forget that I should be focusing on something else. So, as you can see, I am just as guilty as everyone else.

The real life conversations do matter, as they are what makes life special. It's all about the people in our lives and the experiences they bring. These conversations make life seem simple. Does anyone else appreciate a simple life? I like having a quiet day where life seems simple. I also enjoy being able to put my phone away and not having the pressure to check it 24/7.

So... tell me. How do you bring simple back into your life? Or... is it something you don't care about? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Just the other night we were celebrating T's birthday and we both put down our phones for several hours and ate supper and played games with our boys! It was fantastic, I returned comments, messages, etc later and the world didn't blow up! ;-)

  2. I dont own a cellphone that has the internet on it- it only makes and sends calls. It is so simple I rarely carry it aan allmost lways forget it. We only haave one cellphone between my husband and myself. I leave I might or might not take it, he leaves I try and insist he take it since he has health problems.

    I am pretty bad about the computer though. I enter contests andd right now is a 'geavy' time since I donate to Toys for Tots . I spend abut 3 hours or a bit more online in the evening. Luckily hubby 'hets' the Toys for Tots thing and doesnt care or I would feel bad

    I think nowdaays people are spending so much time looking down, they dont look up, see the sunshine or enjoy the time. I have seen people talking to somene, not say excuse me and answer a phone, its like the phone rings and others disappear.

    1. Looking up can be magical. And you have me thinking... I have never, ever understood the need to talk on a cell phone in a public restroom, how did we get to that?


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