Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Brings Out The Good And Bad

OK~ So, another Halloween has come and gone. We are a household that has never embraced this holiday. Our boys used to go trick or treating when they were younger and once they became teenagers we stopped. It's obvious that our family is a little odd. My husband and I did not shop for this holiday, we did not dress up in costumes, nor did we go to a Halloween party.

Simple costumes- I love them. Zach still had one of the cutest costumes I have seen over the years.

It's obvious that many do. In fact, I heard a national news story today that Halloween is now right behind Christmas when it comes to commercialization. Hey, I guess, if that's where you can make a buck, why not?

I know many folks really go out and decorate for Halloween, as well. Yeah, it's quite clear that we lead a quiet, boring life here in Iowa. The beauty of this, it's the fact that I do not feel like I missed out on a thing. And I am quite content embracing the quiet of a busy holiday.

And then there are parties that underage folks choose to participate in. What makes my head spin, is the fact that local media picked up on this story and parents are defending their kids for attending this. Really? Would someone enlighten me as to why they would want their teens to attend a party where two wanted felons were arrested? We have so much work to do, as a society. We accept parties for everything. In fact, adults were probably not much better last evening. I would love to think that all adults had designated drivers. Reality tells me, that this is not the case.

The simple times. The days when parents were role models, the days when kids could just go outdoors to play. Those days seem to be long gone. So.. tell me. Do you and your family embrace Halloween? Did you venture out to a party or two?

Whatever you chose, I hope you chose to be safe! It saddens me when I read a news story that someone was driving on the wrong side of the highway due to alcohol. Be responsible and have fun with your kiddos over this holiday. After All, Its All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Our family is very similar to yours. T and my step-dad took the 11yo trick or treating (in a costume using things around home), R helped hand out candy with his girlfriends family and watched movies. We had a lasagna supper and watched movies. Low-key! Honestly, I'd skip right over Halloween if I could!!

  2. I went trick or treating when I was young, but my parents were similar to you. (I love that bag of groceries costume!) I decorate for Fall, but not Halloween. I do always make sure I have candy for the few trick or treaters that come in.


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