Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tech Items For Your Holiday Shopping List #SPONSORED

Disclosure: As part of the Better Moments Blogger Brigade Program, I did receive compensation for this post. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's. I have been a U.S. Cellular customer for 15+ years.

OK~ The holidays are around the corner and you are probably wondering how to keep your family safe online and what the hottest tech accessories this season are. Many tweens and teens will be receiving their first cellular device this holiday season. Anytime parents invest money in their kids, it's of the utmost importance that they are protected. U.S. Cellular's Parent/Child Agreement is a must when it comes to keeping your family safe online. With more and more people using cellular devices, this holiday season is the ideal time to invest in accessories to help use these devices in a smarter way.

Did you know that 38% of smart phone users, play games on their smart phones daily? I am not one of these people, but I do know that many people do. Now, I can be included in the statistic of 49% using their smart phones to check the latest news. I can also be included in the 14% that use the GPS on their smart phones. I honestly thought more than 14% would use it for GPS, as this service can be a great way to navigate when I am in unfamiliar territory.

Cellular devices are fun to use and they are even more fun when you can have some exciting accessories to use. Here's a fun list of tech items for your holiday shopping list.


With defense against drops, dust and scratches, along with two layers of protection, the Otterbox Commuter Case is sleek enough to place in your pocket, while protecting against the elements. This case makes a great gift for everyday use or for the adventurer in your life.


Ideal for the person on your list looking to simplify their life, the Insight Switch connects your home electronics to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to turn them on and off from anywhere using your phone or tablet. It can also put your home electronics on a schedule as well as monitor your energy usage and send information to your phone or tablet,


For the fun- loving adult or child on your list, the Parrot Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact drone controlled by your smart phone. It flies indoor and outdoors with speed and stability, and you can take photos with its vertical camera simply by hitting the "photo" icon in the accompanying app on your smart phone screen. Its detachable wheels make it easy to roll from the floor to the ceiling.

SAMSUNG GEAR S2 ($349.99)

Perfect for the health conscious person on your list who wants to stay connected, the Gear S2 makes it easy to take charge of your health while staying up to date on what is important to them. The Gear S2 monitors daily activities, counts your steps, and measures your pulse, as well as your water vs. caffeine intake. In addition to answering calls and texts, the Gear S2 also makes it easy to read an email, check out a map, listen to music or access your favorite apps, right from your wrist.

With my U.S. Cellular Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it's very easy to shop for the hot accessories for cellular devices this holiday season. It's not only convenient, but also very easy to use with the reliable high speed network that U.S. Cellular has to offer. Are tech items on your shopping list this holiday season? If so, I'd love to hear what items your are shopping for! It's an exciting time to be shopping for tech items. But most importantly, invest in online safety for your family. Be aware of where your kids are going online and be involved in the usage of their cellular devices. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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